Checkers In The Sky

Yesterday saw some jet planes in a seemingly playful mood.

Several were seen painting the sky in checker patterns

with their vapor trails.

They must be training the pilots.

Or they are testing the jet fighter planes.

or they are testing the radar.

They are twin-engined, though,

so they are not F-35’s.

More like CF-18’s.

If they ask me I would rather have

one jet engine installed especially for its VTOL capabilities

and another stationary engine used just for horizontal speed.

This way one engine can get the plane over the snow on the runway

and the other engine can speed the plane to its destination

simultaneously, like a jet helicopter

Hornets Come Home

Hornets Come Home


After what appears to be a not too productive bombing of ISIS targets, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau yanked out the six CF-18 fighters from the Middle East after their last assigned mission.

The planes, being outmoded, are getting too expensive to maintain. Also, Bombing ISIS targets put innocent civilians at risk, and both the Americans and the Russians readily blame the Canadian bombings for killing civilians.

Putting special forces on the field as a replacement for the planes would be much more effective. They could help with the humanitarian agencies. They could train anti-Isis soldiers. And they would be cheaper to sustain.

More importantly, they would verify the reports provided by the media as regards Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the Kurds. This is necessary for the Canadian government to formulate or modify foreign policy.

Canada is not anymore putting big contingents to assist the Un as peacemakers for the reason that Canada is not anymore a member of the Security Council, and therefore does not have a say in the deployment of Canadian troops. Canada may not accept anymore Canadian troops being killed by friendly fire.

If the Special Forces that are deployed would be in battle, so be it. At least the battle would not bother the conscience. Note that bombing people, even though they are ISIS terrorists, imply that those being bombed are not able to fight back.



It may have been so that the presence of Canadian troops in the middle East is being done for the purpose of keeping up with appearances that Canada is an international power. So goes the influence of EU, NATO, and the US. After all this voluntary contribution of Canadian manpower and hardware, Canada now has a broken economy in return.