Carbon Tax

Global Cooling

This is Nature’s warning—-

there has bee too much carbon tax being imposed.

Stop collecting carbon tax.

And tell the Green Party to protest against carbon tax!


Meeting Ends

The Premiers Meeting,

graced by the Prime Minister’s attendance,

ended in Vancouver,

city of homeless people

amidst very expensive housing

that runs by the millions of dollars.

The carbon pricing, the phrase of which

renames the phrase carbon tax

because of the more pleasant auditory effects,

was discussed, nay, debated on;

and resulting in a document

mildly worded but as clear as mud

even though it covered the ground.

Some other indistinctive people will study the matter

in the usual indistinctive way

and share the results in another

muddied meeting after six months.

The problem is insoluble

that of energy-sharing between the confederation,

but it really was no problem when

the oil-producing provinces had no problem.

Now that the oil patch has a problem

the energy-sharing protests have become more prominent.

All this because of climate change,

that project which the non-oil-producing provinces have become

more and more obsessed with,

even if the whole country produces less carbon

and will even be less affected by climate change

than the rest of the world.

But whatever.

It is ingrained in the soul of Canada

that the world be helped whenever necessary

with resources it could muster.

So reduce carbon emissions it will be.

Not in one fantastic shot, though,

not even in so short a time.

It should be done little by little,

poco a poco, (whatever that means).

Who should lead this carbon reduction emission,

er,  carbon  emission reduction?

Why, the ever-conscious non-oil-producing

provinces of the country,

of course.

Let him who has the spear lead the charge!

Carbon Tax Success?


Oh, really now? the Province of British Columbia has announced that there has been progress in the provincial economy plus reduction in carbon emissions by installing carbon tax.

The manufacturers would be up in arms at the imposition of a carbon tax, plus more emissions if they switched to coal instead of oil.

The people must have started to use bikes to go to work and wood to heat their houses. What is BC up to now? It has been trying to spite their neighboring province of Alberta for its refusal to pay exorbitant fees to allow a pipeline to go through BC.

They should realize by now that Alberta has oil and BC has trees. Alberta would then have a bigger command to progress than BC.

FYI, BC sells their gasoline at 11 cents more per liter than in Alberta.


BC Carbon Tax1.mpg

BC Carbon Tax2.mpg