Under Attack


I can see clearly now the rain has come 

I can see all the obstacles coming down

I can see clearly now and I’m buckling down

‘Twill be fright, fright, frightfully gone.

(never ye fret, people, I have more desktops and laptops to survive  this wooly war) 

It’s A Debacle….


….and I am not referring to that time yesterday when I got out from Walmart to get under an instantaneous hailstorm. I am, instead,  referring to a sudden drop of my upload speed to this website of mine that reached a somewhat disastrous level. What I could upload to this site before in 3 minutes took me 18 minutes, sometimes more.

I blamed this on the time that my internet provider installed the EXO TV system with two portals and one pvr. This should provide for a personal video recorder of the tv programs on two or more different HDMI tv sets. Such a ssytem I am already enjoying with my Bell satellite installation with two pvr’s and one satellite dish. As I posted before this, I was to test the Bell and the Shaw upgraded systems back to back, or head on,  whatever you may call it. The thing is to compare the viewing on every aspect. My evaluation of the systems will require a post aside from this one, because I am set to tell you about the disaster resulting from this comparison.

Thre selling point of Shawcable is that I would economize on my monthly bills with their bundled tv, home phone, and internet services. With this point in mind, Shaw most probably exerted too much concerns to reduce the protracted bill to me should such a bundled services materialize. So they scaled my speed down to the next level to reduce the internet charges and maybe throttle the bandwidth to benefit the tv high def to impress me more. Now, I am one to say decidedly that tv signals that are conveyed thru cable produce better images than those transmitted thru the air as in satellite systems. And to prove this, I had to see it for myself by an actual comparison of the pictures appearing side by side, hence a back to back test of both the Bell and the Shaw high definition systems.

The downgrading of my internet speed raised such a holler from me that it disturbed a lot of techs and managers from Bell,  Shaw, and Canadianwebhosting. A Shaw cable rep told me that to fix the speed problem, I had to pay an extra $15 to raise my speed to the next level. He never knew that I was actually paying for the level that he was going to upgrade me for. In other words, somebody downgraded my speed to a lower level without telling anybody, much less me.

Now comes a whole bunch of techs from Canadian Webhosting to locate the speed problem and fix it. Finally after two days of diligent search, I was given the hint that Shaw cable is at fault, giving me a program source to prove that some packets were missing before the message reach the Shrapnel website. So then I got in contact with Shaw rep Francis, #8914, who went with me to analyze the problem using interconnection between our computers.. In the end, he admitted that it was a mistake for Shaw to downgrade my internet speed and he was willing to put it back as it was before. Well, he was candid and courteous about it so I let him put the speed back, without my paying for it, naturally. I was inclined to give him a dressing down over the phone, but as a former public relations teacher, I realized that this guy has exceptional qualities for public relations. So I not only gave him my appreciation for his work, but I gave him excellent marks and comments on the customer survey of Shaw cable.

As for the EXO high-def tv system fo Shaw, I returned the equipment the next day after it was installed, for the reason that it slowed down my internet uploads.

Holiday for Shrapnel


Starting tonight at 10 pm is the scheduled maintenance for this server.

My host, Canadian Webhosting, is making changes in the configuration of this website.

This should not take long, perhaps the rest of the day.

Thanks for your patience.

And hooray for CWH!

The Siege falters


The attacks on this site is wavering. Those stubborn webmasters are finally quieting down, mainly because when I find that they act childish, I start denying access to them. Note that some of the webmasters mean well in pointing out the errors on this site, and for these actions I am truly grateful.

Oftentimes in the course of my ip denials, the whole domain is affected, the consequence of which is that their clients are also denied access to this website. The rod is not spared for this case.

It should be interesting to note that the cgi-based notice of suspension of this site was a very obvious curiosity to some of you, even garnering one of the top number of hits on this site for a single post on a single day.

What really was the cause of the suspension?

The former webhost of this site insisted that the terms of agreement has been broken by this site in having MEDIA FILES IN STORAGE, citing the steaming videos or .mpg’s that you watch. It is a wonder that after so many years of webhosting, this came up suddenly. Of course I never read something like this when I accepted the terms, but no matter, media requirements are changed without giving prior notice to subscribers anyway, like in TV receptions.

My contention is that the video clips are not in storage. They are an active part of every post. This site is unlike a commercial website that sells music or movies. A suggestion was made for me to put upload my video clips to You Tube, another American company, and then link my posts to that site, which streams videos very unlike the quality that you get from this site. And simultaneously, that webhost reduces the service charges to $3.95 a month very cheap. Of course this can be achieved if the clients were to share some particular amount of disk space.

This site must have cramped their service because the video clips occupy a considerable amount of space. Moreover, when these video clips are downloaded, it also crimps the speed of download from the server. I believe that the offer before I accepted the hosting was unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. If they cannot give me these, then the webhosting service is the one that violates the terms of agreement.

You may ask, are my video clips active all the time. Sure. The error logs tell me that you people search for some video clips that I uploaded in 2009. I have not uploaded all the files that were there before the suspension. But now you people are asking to have them there. OK then. You will have them.

BY THE WAY, the name of this host is Canadianwebhosting. The techs here have experienced the unusually labyrinthine way of transferring my files to their servers.

Canadianwebhosting charged me about three times more than the last webhost did. They also offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. But there never was a mention of streaming videos in the terms of agreement. This is good, because I offered to take down the video clips that are obsolete.