Canadian Immigration

Canada Restricts Immigration

NO! I believe that this does not mean that Canada will restrict people. It is just making restrictions in QUALIFICATIONS. But the quota for countries, especially the Philippines, remain the same. The requirements, however, will be more stringent.

Canada is that country which economy remains sturdy and pliant. It has maintained its high level of consideration for its pension and health care system. Its social welfare system, as a whole, is the best in the world. This Canadian economy has grown so because of the controls applied to its growth. Canada started with a small population. It allows only as much people as it needs for positive growth. As a result it is now the best free-standing economy in the world. So therefore, understand why it has these restrictions. In fact, it has always had these restrictions.

The Province of Manitoba, the capital of which is Winnepeg, remains that portion of the country where the greatest number of Filipino immigrants reside due to the garment industry hiring lots of Filipinos in those days.. This province is still inviting more Filipinos to migrate there. Canada has learned that Filipinos have good work ethics, are trustworthy, loyal, and law-abiding.

Filipinos are the best workers in the world, and Canada is the best country in the world.

A university degree, a good work experience, and a need for the skills that you have make you a very good prospect for Canadian immigration.

Contact the Canadian government by all means possible to you. A third party paid-agent is not required to file applications.



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Diplomatic War

After it was discovered that some Mexicans entered Canada by making false refugee declarations, the Canadian Immigration imposed some requirements on visas to Mexicans.

A refugee status  provides the Mexicans with some money coming from the Canadian taxpayers.

As a reaction, Mexico imposed its own visa requirements towards Canadians. Diplomats from Canada now will have to apply for Mexican visas before they can enter Mexico.