Canada begins retaliatory tariff measures

Canadian Softwood Lumber

It is called Softwood Lumber because,

even if it is wood,

it is soft and malleable

and easy to form.

It contains more acidity in its fibres

since it is grown in very cold countries like Canada.

It is also durable and long-lasting.

Even when NAFTA was in place,

the US collected tariff on this product,

claiming that it is subsidized by Canada.

Again the Americans are mistaken.

The price seems to be low

but this is only because labor in Canada is cheap

and the processing techniques

are efficient.

With the retaliatory tariff now imposed by Canada

on softwood lumber,

American contractors will be hard hit,

particularly those repairing homes damaged by natural disasters.

American contractors will of course have the choice

of buying the Canadian Softwood Lumber

or go somewhere else.

Trump is now on a missionĀ 

to destroy the American economy.

Heaven help!

curses, foiled again!