campaign funds

Wernick and Butts

Both guys testified before a lopsided

Justice Committee to produce a picture

as blank as this page.

These testimonies will also prove

that they are a pain in somebody’s butt.

One can see through those snorts

that these two were a couple of Canuck liars.

Memory lapses, excuses, and evasiveness

are the order of the testimonies provided.

The truth is that the Liberal party

depends upon the SNC-Lavalin

for the campaign funds this next election.

If Trudeau is not careful today,

he should have realized that the public interest

he is shoving down Canadians’ throats

is quickly interpreted as Quebec interest.

It will not be a surprise if the rest of Canada

should show their adversarial relationship

with Quebec starting now.

As I said before

this house will fall.