bus hostage

Captain Mendoza

captmendoza1This is Captain Mendoza, Philippine National Police, slumped dead in a most helpless predicament.

He asked to be reinstated to his former rank and position in the PNP so that he can be eligible to collect retirement pay.

In desperation about his cases pending in the courts too long, he took a bus of Chinese tourists and held them hostage.


He is shown here as giving aid to a diabetic hostage whom he set free as part of the negotiations. After this all those he came to know could testify that he was a good man.

 Today, the moon is full.

But suddenly, oh so suddenly, the drama shifted somewhere else towards his brother who came to sympathize.

Which brother wouldn’t at a time like this. And naturally, too, the Police didn’t like to be outstaged by anything, including his brother and/or the media.

So the police carted the brother off , together with his family, with much tussling and hauling.


What follows the next minute was an enraged Captain Mendoza venting  his wrath off on some of the hostages.

No less than the highest official of the land blamed the killings on the media. But didn’t Captain Mendoza asked specifically for the media to come and help? Could the situation have been resolved had the media came in to be the go-between? I mean he couldn’t trust the police who has all its guns trained at him to convey a message, could he!

I would rather have the media there, and with all the other police activities. The camera does not lie.

It would settle any doubts.


Was this necessary?

I see no point in this. The logic escapes me. Domination of the men-at-arms rule.

A point arrived when some particular group came to help resolve the problem.

But the Philippine National Police just couldn’t wait!




 The Cardinal Rule : Dead Men Don’t Talk