brainless intelligence gathering

Third Canadian Detained By China

(This post is a new twist

and should twist your minds,

although I assure you that it did not come from a twisted mind!)

Chinese intelligence detains a third Canadian.

Her cell phone number must have been reflected

in any or both of the phones of the other two.

Either this, or she must have been taking pictures

of some sensitive storage sites.

It would be detrimental to the plight of those

now under detention

for the Americans to intervene

because by doing so may remove doubts that

the prisoners are actually working for the

US Intelligence.

The best thing that the Americans could do

is to cancel the request for extradition.

That is, if the Chinese National Security

has not yet been seriously compromised.

In any case, the success of the

US – North Korea Agreement is included in the ante.

(It should not take a great deal of intelligence

to figure out how Intelligence Departments work!)



It is now revealed

that the preferred mode of gathering information

by the Western intelligence outfits

is by listening to the conversation of the enemy.

Really now, they don’t need analysts to do this.

They need eavesdroppers.

They don’t even need intelligence to do this.

This is one brainless job.

This method of gathering intelligence,

or data, is effective

if and only if the enemy is unaware

that people are listening

and that the enemy is not merely

comparing grocery lists.

Otherwise the enemy might start a hoax,

or that which is similar to what led

FM Rommel to believe that the Invasion

will pass through Pas De Calais

instead of Normandy.

The ISIS is not that stupid.

It has ran rings around Coalition troops

in the Middle East

notwithstanding the intelligence gathering

of the West by listening to ISIS chatters.

And now the Western Coalition seeks to pride themselves

upon securing Metrojet info direct form

the horses’ mouths.

This info is in contrast to what some of the social

media bloggers are posting.

These social media bloggers may be mistaken

in thinking that they know everything

but they sure know how to think

better about everything!