Hands OFF Hongkong!

China tells Biden to stop meddling with Hongkong and its rights and freedom. It belongs to China, as the British will certify. There is no way Hongkong will secede from China. This may be an autonomous region but it does not have any of the traditions and attitude like those characteristic of Europe.

Americans, they always believe that all peoples live the same way they do.

Listen well, the foreign policies of the present government will not be the single factor that will elect the next president.

The First and Last Veep Debate


The Debate between Biden and Ryan is another comedy in high places.

Ryan is adversarial to the US govt policies, blames the govt for something that they prevented govt. to do. He is a liar and talks about something he knows little about.He does not know atom bomb development, foreign diplomacy, and US history.

On the other hand, Biden started to correct Ryan’s wrong belief.¬†

This is politics and American politics is no different from politics in other countries, meaning one party lies. The American people should  determine who lies and who tells the truth.

Americans should not vote for somebody who changes his policies as time goes on.

They should vote for somebody who means what he says and sticks to what he means.