The BBL Crumbles

As if the Bangsamoro Basic Law is built upon sand, it has started to erode on its foundations.

The aftermath of the Mamasapano Massacre produced a furor

wherein the Philippine Congress, and the public in general,

initiated as concentrated critique on the pros and cons

of the BBL, but mostly on the cons.

By splurges, or so it seems, the mechanics of the effort

to ram through the BBL upon the Filipino has been jammed

by one thing or another.

This time, it is the alleged bribe by the Malaysian government

to make the Aquino government to speed

and ensure the passage of the BBL.

Below is the latest block to the BBL’s Passage.

(this should do it— passing the BBL will be a squeaker now!)

Gov’t receives $750M from KL for BBL passage — lawyer

By Pat C. Santos and Joshua L. Labonera The Aquino administration had allegedly received $750 million, or around P33.5 billion, from Malaysia in exchange for the passage of the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). Kuala Lumpur had brokered the peace accord that marked the end of armed hostilities between the government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The BBL, seen to establish lasting peace in the country’s southern region, will create the Bangsamoro substate to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Lawyer Homobono Adaza at a news forum yesterday noted that Malacañang’s refusal to comment on the issue only fueled speculations that indeed it had received the funds. “No one in the Aquino government denied the information that has been going around. And there is this admission of silence on the part of the government,” he said. Adaza, along with columnist Herman Tiu Laurel, had earlier filed treason charges against President Aquino and some of his Cabinet members and MILF leaders for entering into a peace agreement with the Moro rebel group and for supporting an “unconstitutional” bill that seeks to create an autonomous Bangsamoro political entity that would benefit the MILF. The BBL, which is pending in Congress, violates several provisions of the Constitution, Adaza and Laurel said. The complainants stressed that “treason under our laws is committed by a Filipino citizen who gives aid or comfort to the enemies of the government.” They added the MILF is an insurgent group that has been waging war against the republic. Treason is among the four impeachable offenses under the Constitution. “BBL establishes a parliamentary as against a presidential system, and by its territory and power of sovereignty, it is a state within a state,” part of the six-page complaint stated. Aquino, meanwhile, also yesterday challenged critics of the BBL to read the full text of the draft measure first, then come up with a better alternative to the bill. “A lot has been complaining about the BBL but have yet to read it… Those who have nothing to offer have no clear goal,” he said during a prayer meeting in Malacañang. Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., for his part, said there is no pressure from the Palace for lawmakers to work on the BBL amid allegations that Aquino is rushing to enact the measure as soon as possible. “There is no pressure and no forcing. Let us understand that there is a schedule of sessions in Congress. The current session is up to March 18, they have a Holy Week break. After, they will resume on May 4. It is set to be up until June 11,” he said. “We are not the ones who set this up. So in a practical view, the talks can only continue on their own schedules. They cannot pass a law while in recess. That’s what is being talked about. No one is pressuring them,” Coloma said. The Palace official, however, said it is premature to immediately ask for a special session in case of lack of time. He said Malacañang cannot give answers to speculations. “We are giving lawmakers freedom to do their work. There might be talk again that we are pressuring them when it’s brought up. It is best that we should not discuss it, since it has not yet been tackled,” Coloma said.




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