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Sorry for the slack but I did some maintenace work on this site.

It was raining again  so I did this next best thing of moving files around. :lol:

AWSTATS and WEBALIZER displayed some statistics for this website.

Between the months of January 2011 and July 2011, there were a total of 1,170,923 hits on 1,080,606 files.

There are 16,654 items on this site comprising 75.4 Gb. I guess I have to cull the old mpg’s.

One important item is that the Americans suddenly caught on and started to watch this site. They are now running neck and neck with the Canadians in the number of hits.

The Philippines is still tops on the number of hits with  46,201 hits at the time of writing. saudi Arabia ranks sixth on the list.

The mpg files are first on the hits, although if taken separately, the mp3’s are catching up. This is because the mp3’s are easier to open up than the mpg’s.

This site beats who ranks second at 170,511 hits against 432,552  for in the country.

With 150,243 hits at the time of writing, the site is assured of getting the record number of hits per month for 2011. The record daily hits was more than 8,000 in one day in May.