backfiring joke

The Yolk’s On Tucker Carlson

The Joke’s on Tucker Carlson.

In his attempt to ridicule the culture of Canada,

he himself became ridiculous as he lost his temper

as much as he lost his sense of humour.

This title seem to bother him:


This is the title made up of all the titles

given to ALL the minor, minor minorities

In Canada which has been grouped analogously

as the LGBT’s are grouped.


(click on Tuckerc.mpg for video)


The teachers are supposed to get training to understand

this title as much as they get training with the LGBT title.

It should be noted that to these teachers belong the tribute

of successfully teaching Canadians

the proper  respect for the National Anthem.

This clarification Tucker Carlson could not grasp.

His failure to understand the explanation

got him to lose his nerve,

and he ended the discussion  with

his  word of a disdainful “goodbye”

which is customary to him when he loses an argument.

If he inqured further, he would have learned

that while Canada elects the government democratically,

much laws and rules are laid down to take care

of the needs of the minorities,

so much so that it oftentimes appear

that the country is governed by the minorities.

This is one reason why the UN voted Canada

as the number one country where people

would most like to live in.

Up to now,

Canada has not had any of the problems

that the United States is being plagued with,


and otherwise.