Baby Ruth

Tribute to Migratory Filipinos


A whole lot of the Arroyo Administration achievement  was done with the aid of the dollar remittances of the Migratory Filipinos, commonly called the OFW’s.


Not much commensurate praise was laid on them by this SONA, however. Pity the lovers that get separated because one had to work for a living abroad.


As one notestaffharlequin OFW sings to another harlequin OFW—-



You’ll never know just how much I miss you

You’ll never know just how much I care

And if I try I still couldn’t fight my love for you

You ought to know for haven’t I told you so

A million or more times.


You went away and my heart went with you

I speak your name in my every prayer

And if there’s some other way

To prove that I love you I swear

I don’t know how.

You’ll never know if you don’t know now. notestaff

(When I was younger, circa 1910, I used to sing this to my girl friend

during those times when she forget to send me Baby Ruth bars!)