Augusto Lucio Kcomt

Canadian Drug Dealer Slain


Augusto Lucio Kcomt, a Canadian, was slain in a shootout with PDEA agents


Shown is an id he carried as a consultant of the National Bureau of Investigation. It was alleged that he fired first in the shootout where he was in his car, a BMW. This car is notably the preference of Canadians amongst all the vehicles available, including the Mercedes.

You wouldn’t catch me standing still driving one of these cars, unless you corn-veniently set me up, in which case I can only be deader’n a corn on the cob.


Shown is his license to carry the sidearm of a 9mm H&K pistol. Note that the license expired on June 17, 2009. What weapon was he shooting with?

The name Augusto Lucio Kcomt is a little odd for Canadians. Also for Slavs, Balkans, Asians, and Orientals. But the name T Mock is indubitably Canadian. All the id’s displayed which were owned by the dead Canadian did not, however, have one item to prove that he was Canadian.


This plastic pharmaceutical container(shown here in inverted photo) can be found commonly in Canadian stores.  The label even bears Apple Cider, which is common in Canadian stores also. It is shown here as having been reused to hold the ecstasy capsules.

It is again demonstrated the power of the media.


A subsequent drug bust netted this man allegedly from China.

If you ask me, it is coincidental that the first and second names of the two drug dealers both start with A and L. If they are really drug dealers, then this A and L must be a code wherein they identify themselves to the others of the same trade.

That is, if you ask me. And I know you wouldn’t!