Assad Selfie

The Man that the US is obsessed to bring down,

Assad, provides a selfie pose

for his fans at a Catholic Church in Damascus.

assad selfie

This is an apparent start of a media makeover

for Assad whose person has been demonized

by the American diplomatic corps

for no veritable reason.

Well, he pre-empted a step of mine

which included his personal address

 to the Un General Assembly

sometime in the near future.

 If he gets invited to do so

so much the better for him.

Assad Must Stay

Why can’t those silly, little, pig-headed diplomats

listen to their own intelligence outfits

and think why Assad must stay.

Up to now there has been no valid reason

to kick Assad out.

Its the Western pride and their crazy belief

that the West is the conscience of the world.

If they listen to their own analysts and intelligence

staff, they will realize that if Assad

is deposed, the Middle East will be lost.

Similar to Iraq and Libya,

the Syrian military loyal to Assad

will join the ISIL once their benefactor is deposed.

FYI, ISIL is most possibly composed

of former Iraqi and Libyan military.

Another thing is certain :

the supposedly successful Arab Spring

is a dud.

It has turned into an Ahab* Spring.

Putin Saddles Up His Cavalry

With the dismal failure of the American coalition

to handle the ISIS threat,

Putin orders his army to saddle up

and head for the intended base

at Syria.

The President of Russia, which has been maligned,

and bashed, sanctioned and ostracized by the G7,

falsely accused and maltreated by the press,

has now been subtlely requested to help

with the ISIs problem.

Putin is, of course, coming in as commander

of his own coalition,

not to be answerable to any other commander.

The legitimate government of Assad

which is actually fighting ISIS,

has been long under

the attempted regime change by the US.

Rebels were armed to topple Assad’s regime.

 Assad is falsely accused

of killing his own people and brutalizing his countrymen.

Assad has been duly re-elected by his people

and is ruling a properly installed parliamentary government.

To defeat the Isis,

the US must do away with its paranoia

against despots and stop arming people

to effect a regime change.

Hasn’t America done enough already to mess up the Middle East?

The much-vaunted NATO forces has not lifted a finger to stop ISIS.

It has to take their much-feared boogeyman that is Putin

to saddle up and confront the ISIS!

CHICKEN! (pok-pok-pokok!)

The Chemical Weapons Stockpile


The present situation in the Syrian Crisis just about eliminates the military strike on Syria, what with the talks between Kerry and his Russian counterpart going on in full blast.

What doubt that the Western Countries have regading Putin and Assad fulfilling their promises have now shifted their focus on Assad singly as not to be trusted.

Putin will see this destruction of the chemical weapons if only to save face. That, and the fact that he is in reality, afraid of the chemical weapons. Indeed these chemical weapons are proving to be more dreadful than the atom bomb. These chemicals do not have to be delivered by missiles, nor dropped from a plane, but simply disperse it manually into a crowd. This delivery is typical of terrorists and it will be a sad story should the terrorists get a hold of a lot of these chemical weapons.

Assad actually believes even before, that the terrosists have these chemical weapons and it is the terrorists who have been gassing the people. If this be so, then Assad does not really own the chemical weapons. It may be owned by a Middle East consortium who have used Syria as  a warehouse, and Assad as the warehouseman.

But the fact is; both Assad, and Russia, and America, are afraid that these chemicals may be used against them, hence the scramble to find and destroy them. It also appears that the rebels objectives are to secure these weapons for themselves.

A question then arises ; who owns these chemical weapons? Should Assad answer this question?

Another Revealing Circumstance


The prospect of solving the Syrian Problem by diplomacy thru the U.N. control and destroying the chemical weapons in Syria initiated a different but more passionate debate within the American rank and file. These debates which were aired on television reveals the American fear of losing credibility internationally.

Perhaps it is not the fear of losing credibility that they are afraid of. It is the fear of losing invincibility and the right to thumb their noses on any dictator that they choose.

I am glad that some of the points that I put up were touched, excluding only the “war reparations” point that I mentioned last.

Also, I can sense that the American hierarchy, if there is such a thing as American hierarchy, is starting to believe in what Assad says.  It is now understood that what he means by the phrase “powder keg”  in that it actually refers to the region’s myriad of factions fighting against each to gain control of Syria if and when he is deposed. This more than strenthens my belief that it is actually the dictators like Hussein, Gadhaffi, and Assad who keep their nations disciplined and immunized from extremism.

Again I say that this may be the right time for the Americans to keep to themselves and be busy with the country’s problems. There is no glory in going to crusades anymore.

By the bye, how goes the gas price?

The Syrian Gas


A poisonous gas caused damage to the people of some Syrian town.

Who dunnit?

The firstt suspect would be the Syrian government of Assad.

If this be so that the Assad government is the only source of the gas, then why would the Syrian government of Assad spread the gas? Mea Culpa?

Where is the logic behind it?



Toxic Gas.mpg


Assad Denies Chem Weapons

Assad: Western minds falsify evidence to trigger wars

21.05.2013 02:16



Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, denies that his government would employ chemical weapons, as the governments of western and regional countries and variations predicted a possible military invasion against the country. The claim was that they used chemical weapons against residential areas. President Assad calls the claims lies.

Now, if they were used on a city or suburb with a balance of 10 or 20 victims, would it be believable? – he questioned.

The allegations regarding the use of chemical weapons or information about my resignation change every day and it is likely to be used as a prelude to a war against the nation, said the representative of the Arab country during an interview with Argentine media. The interview had great repercussions in the Syrian media Sunday (19th).

The claim was that they used chemical weapons against residential areas. Now, if they were used on a city or suburb with a balance of 10 or 20 victims, would it be believable? – he questioned.

Assad explained that this would mean the death of thousands or tens of thousands of people in a matter of minutes, which could not be concealed.

Western minds falsify evidence to trigger wars, this is their custom, Assad emphasized while he recalled the fiasco of the former U.S. Secretary of State Collin Powell, who swore at the UN that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which were never found, but served as a pretext for the invasion of that country in 2003.

The Syrian President acknowledged as positive the international conference that the United States and Russia agreed upon in Geneva in June to find a solution to the conflict, although he analyzed that this alone is insufficient to stop terrorism fueled by international actors in this Arabic nation.

We welcome the rapprochement between Russia and the United States, but we must be realistic: we do not believe that western countries actually want a solution in Syria when there are mercenaries from almost 30 nations fighting to overthrow the government he warned.

“We always chose to dialogue with any party, but this does not include terrorists, because no state dialogues with terrorists,” he emphasized.

Likewise, Assad rejected that governments like the U.S., France, UK and Turkey openly require his resignation, arguing that this would not solve the litigation that extends for more than two years.

“Someone saying that the Syrian president has leave because the United States, other countries or terrorists want it is something unacceptable,” he said while he reiterated that this decision may be taken by the people through the ballot box elections convened for 2014.

Moreover, the country is in crisis and when the boat is in the midst of the storm, the captain does not flee. or resign, said Assad.

UN Conference

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon said on Sunday (19th) that he has the expectation that the next international conference on Syria will take place soon, probably in early June.

“We are studying the possibility of holding the conference in early June, and it remains a pending issue, I am convinced that it will soon happen,” Ban said during his visit to Moscow Oblast, Russia’s capital.

It is worth mentioning that during a meeting held last May in Moscow, Secretary of U.S. State, John Kerry, and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, agreed to hold in late May a conference on Syria for the purpose of finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

According to the Russian Foreign Minister, Washington and Moscow defended using all available resources to make the parties involved in the conflict come to the dialogue table.

Vermelho, with agencies

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

(my take on this: has anybody ever wondered where the heck the French Foreign Legion is deployed?)

Syrian Conference


Syrian President Assad agrees to meet with Russia and the U.S. in a conference.

Assad might get the same deal as the Shah of Iran.

Remember the Shah of Iran?

The Syrian Civil War


Watch closely the civil war in Syria.

It may not be exactly what we think.

Start your observations with this line of thought—

The country of Syria was peaceful, non-aggressive under the presidency of Assad. And where do the rebels get their sophisticated weapons?

Syria Agrees to Ceasefire