Manila Visit

Obama’s visit to the Manila earned him the reopening of the US bases in the Philippines. They were closed because the American servicemen flounted the laws in the Philippines, ever managing to escape before they get accused before the courts of law. Much anger was left behind to the Filipinos, notwithstanding the many unwed mothers unaccounted for. They lived up to the name “Ugly American”









A Fine Day…..

……It really is for the Philippines this Ninoy Aquino day the August 21.

The country is splashe with the color yellow all day and all throughout.

The country is unselfishly united again.

And for the very few times that the Filipinos were united, the Aquino family has figured in these for at least twice. May the Aquino tribe increase!

Also making the day are the law enforcement agencies foiling some big time smuggling.

OR  SO  IT  SEEMS! qmark2