Andreas Lubitz

The Ghost Ship


  Andreas Lubitz was depressed when he locked himself in the cockpit of the GERMANWINGS plane

and then calmly brought the plane to a slow descent

directly towards a mountain in the Alps.

Calm and composed, he assumed the posture

of a child ignoring his parents’ pleas to open the door.

Due to the gravity of the situation after the obliteration of the plane,

I did refrain from posting that he did it

because he was afraid of heights.

Now I’m sorry I first thought about it that way!

Lubitz  knew  that this was  the last  time

that he will be allowed to fly a plane,

much less as  Pilot.

 Now the calls from the traffic control

and the frantic pleas from outside the cockpit

all helped to confirm  his dream.

Eventually, these sounds turned to music

that lulled him to complacency

as he savored the feeling that finally

 he was Captain of the Ship

even if it were

a ghost ship.