already stalling?

Fine-tuning The 737 max


From what I gather from the news,

the engines and equipment of the plane

were moved towards the front.

This was done most probably to balance the

baggage and passenger loads as against the

engines, thereby assigning the center of gravity

as central as possible.

This should provide easy adjustments referring

to the auto pilot functions.

The finer adjustments of the anti-stall auto pilot

were not up to the requirements so much so much so

that the interaction between the horizontal level gauge

and the rear flaps was not attained.

The anti-stall auto pilot did sense that pointing the nose

of the plane down was in order

and the flaps were thereby  activated.

However, the nose of the plane was being forced down  so much

that the plane flew below the horizontal level.

There should have been some sensor and finer adjustments

to the auto pilot in such a way that the plane should level up

and fly slightly above the horizontal.

But if sensors provide the message that engine power

is not adequate to fly the plane,

the auto pilot will keep trying

to force the nose down.

In other words, a stall was already going to happen from

a cause that is not due to steep ascent of the plane

but due to a power loss, or apparent power loss.

What could the pilots have done?

Bring the wheels down and/or bank the plane steeply.

And don’t attempt to leave the plane

while it is still flying!