Waste Water Spill


In the “scenic” British Columbia, a province of Canada, too much flow of waste water caused a dam to break, spilling waste water all over.


Interestingly enough, the Province of British Columbia has been critical of Alberta pipeline technology and the “dirty” oil that it carries, so much so that the province does everything to prevent Alberta oil pipes from coming through, unless¬† Alberta pays some remuneration for any “protracted environmental damages” from the pipes, plus all related taxes and transit fees.

The province of Alberta, Canada, presently has the most modern oil drilling and pipeline technology there is; and the most efficient waste water treatment and environmental protection in the world.

Everybody is moving to Alberta, where deficit is not allowed, and everybody lives longer.

Hey, on my next birthday, I will be 138 years old!!!!!


(live long and prosper, eyh!)

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