Again I say

Again I Say….


Again I say….

The investigation of then Dimple Star bus accident on the Skyway, similar to some other accident investigations, must be generating  more questions than answers,….. again.

 I say again that the bulk of the accidents in the country are not caused by loss of brakes as is the general conclusion of both investigators and drivers. They are caused by the worn out tires being used.

 The pavement was wet with rain and the bus’ tires were worn out pretty well, notwithstanding the fact that no bus company in the country ever equip their busses with special rainy season tires, so the bus was not equipped with anti-hydroplane tires.

 And then again busses are not aerodynamically designed so the result is that there is a lift on the front of the bus and the front wheel steering mechanism is not effective. This is particularly true when the bus  exceeds the speed limits.

 Therefore what happened was that the worn out tires caused hydroplaning and the square front of the bus caused further lift on the bus. As a result, the driver lost steering control of the bus and it would have swayed right or left. It so happened that it went left, so there.

 Blame also maintenance people for this. New tires come with specifications for depth of tread wear. These are measured with a tire wear gauge. Furthermore, there are nodes on the tires to signify emergency replacements already. When these nodes become visible thru wea,r the responsibility for any accident shifts from the manufacturer to the user.

There ought to be a law to cover depth of tread wear on tires.