Speaking of stats, time for the monthly as reported by AWSTATS. The month of August broke the record established by the election month of May by about 25,000 hits. This is despite Hongkong’s failure to register a single hit since August 24.

The UAR  overtakes Saudi Arabia for the Middle Eastern Countries in the number of hits and pages opened.

The EU topped the number of pages opened, must be the new  viewers.

The video clip, A Few Good Men with Jack Nicholson made a good turnout. It shows the .wmv file is more popular than the.flv and the .swf combined. This may be so because not all desktop computers are able to have flash players. Microsoft does not see eye to eye with the macromedia .swf and the Adobe .flv. Both formats are susceptible to being laced with difficult to get rid of trojans.

Flash players may be called as an overspeeding powerpoint player.

The mpeg2 format is the best and most versatile of them. It can be played in most players, including windows media player, real player, GOM, Interactual, Windvd, Creative, etc.

They require a larger byte of the mb’s and they take longer to download in your player. This is not good if you are using internet cafes to download the mpeg video clips as it takes time to download them.

.flv’s and .swf’s require the least mb’s and thus need less time to download, if you already have the flash player to play this.