Abu Sayyaf

Cyclic Redundancy…..

is when the milf kidnaps, or helps kidnap, foreign citizens in Mindanao, create a furor, and let them go after ransom is paid, we cry out ‘grind them to the dust’, and then never catch them.

Isn’t this a little tiresome for the govt., and a little monotonous for the Army?

Hindi ka ba napapagod? Hindi ka ba nagsasawa? ircd00d

It’s a debacle!

It’s a debacle, that’s what it is, and not a resounding victory.  23 soldiers dead as against 20 Abu Sayyaf killed is hardly a count to be proud of.



No less than Senator Biazon has said that the AFP resources were not utilized fully, what with no support given the soldiers in their assault of the Abu Sayyaf training camp. Intelligence was not up to par, what with the AFP Command taken by surprise by the Milf getting into the fray against the soldiers. I agree with Senator Biazon in his analysis of the operation and, if I might add, the AFP Command did neglected to protect their flanks. From such heavy casualties, I surmise that the attacking soldiers were hit from the flanks by the milf.

Another thing that could have been done is to take the high ground first, or up the trees for observation of the combat area. Likewise, sniper emplacements should be secured on the night before the start of the assault. They have night vision goggles. This is SOP.

What could have prevented this strategy from being developed is that the soldiers, and the AFP as a whole, is saddled by the 5 o’clock syndrome. The men in the field have to be back to camp for mess call at 5 o’clock. Worse, the officers are not able to mount dawn attacks, or attacks at 5 A.M. The 5 o’clock syndrome—-mabilis pa sa alas singko.

As a side comment, the AFP should know by now that the Abu Sayyaf and the milf are “related”, that is, the milf receive funds from the Abu Sayyaf, which in turn gets their funds from kidnapping and sale of drugs. Members of the milf may go with the Abu Sayyaf in some operations and vice versa. It would be best for the AFP to consider the armed milf and the Abu Sayyaf as one.

23 Dead Soldiers

There should not be any talks with the milf before all the heavy weapons of the milf are surrendered.

Military action halted

The military action against the rebels in Mindanao is halted. This situation is believed to be conducive to resumption of talks betweenm the milf and the Philippine government.

The suspension of hostilities is only applicable to the milf rebels, not the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

How does one distinguish between them, anyway?

Well, if we must, we must!


Come to think of it, if that area were developed economically, there would have been no need to negotiate with the milf, nor with anybody, for that matter.

Amnesty for the ASG?

Amnesty? Who said anything about amnesty? I was talking about Al Bader Parad and his surrender. Besides, he may well be the last of the bandits copying the ASG namesake.

Whatever amnesty will be afforded the bandits of Mindanao should be on a case to case basis. If they be a group that decapitates, they should very well be hanged for these crimes.

And if there be any Abu Sayyaf members, or sympathizers, still hanging around, they would be found not around anyway. They should have melted away from sight amongst the people about a while back when the army began to saturate the area with soldiers.

If we keep on brandishing the cry ‘pupulbusin sila’ or grind them to the dust,  this will give these insurgents the more reason to kidnap people, because hostages are the best shields against attacks.

Let us try to give these armed insurgents the proper motivation to work for a living. We have given the muslim women the opportunity for education, and I daresay it is bearing fruit progress-wise. These newly-liberated women find that they can do a lot for the betterment of their people.

But drive these insurgents to the wall, or to the sea, if need be. If they show signs of giving up, then by all means, shackle them and lead them to a court of law for trial. But they must start working for a living.

Of course, it is now the government’s turn to provide the means for them to work for a living. This should have been done a long time ago.

Now, where are that million hectares reserved for agriculture?

Where are the roads that will lead to them?

Every road that will be built by the government to reach these people will in turn be used by these people to reach the government!

Quo Vadis, Al?

Al Bader, commander of the Abu Sayyaf group that abducted the volunteers for the International Red Cross in Mindanao, Philippines, released the last of the hostages—Eugenio Vagni.


vagni072Vagni was held hostage for 6 months. During this time, government forces cordoned a big area and plugged all escape corridors. Diplomatic and military pressure was kept on him all this time. Finally two of his wives were captured and this probably hastened his decision to release Vagni and thus threw away his ace in the hole.




Al Bader does not look like the decapitating terrorist type. Neither does he look like the strong-arm leader kind. But he looks like the enterprising kind, hence the kidnapping. He did not ask for ransom. He probably was going to use the hostages to force the military to move away from his marijuana patches.albader065


Everything is now against him. Even the people, tired of the kidnappings of teachers, priests, and Red Cross volunteers for ransom, have turned against him. What will he do now? Where will he go?


The military can tighten the cordon around him and squeeze him in like a vise. Or they could just rain shells around him and send helicopter rockets on him.


He is also in great need of provisions. The marijuana patches (which he tried to secure by threatening to kill the hostages if the army do not move back) have been overrun by the military. Messengers carrying supplies are getting scarcer. His options are getting fewer.


He can still surrender, though. Perhaps just about that time before the SONA..