The Lotto Battle

Using Emmy’s Law,

I nailed three 3-no hits

plus 12 2-no. free plays on 649.

Emmy’s law, however,

missed the Lottomax by half-a-mile,

giving me two 4-no. hits

and a whole lot of 3-no. combinations

with the bonus no. which does not

give back any money.

What happened?

I would blame the extra  combinations

that could win a million dollars for the exact combination.

This extra numbers foul up the trend of the lottomax draws.

They come out with the same odds of winning

as the jackpot number but do not

give out minor prizes as the jackpot number.

They are not thinking well, the game administrators.

Ah, but that statement was not very nice to say.

I take it back.

It was uncalled for.

 They thought out the game well,

otherwise it will not earn the organization that much money.

What I mean is that instead of drawing numbers

to give million dollar prizes

they could have installed two jackpot draws on the same day

with the same minor prizes.

But I can understand the problem if two jackpot draws

were made to split the $60 million prize into two,

and two sets of minor prizes are to be awarded.

The problem would be the software.

And then again we are smart enough to solve this

aren’t we?

Either split the draws or give out  prize money

for 3-no. combination hits

like the 649 system.



Ah well, back to the draw-ing keyboard….