Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

The ever popular Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

by Franz Liszt

is given a new twist by Vladimir Horowitz.

It is an arrangement actually not a twist.

What was accomplished is add to the original composition

variations of the theme by using the same bars

in some sequential and contrapuntal renditions.

You may at some points of the rendition recognize 

that the left hand is playing some bars while

the right hand is playing other bars at the same time.

But listen, anyway, and then get blasted at the finale.


Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.mp4

Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.mpg

Hiaoui Zhang plays the Liszt-Horowitz

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Another thing to note is the piano used.

The tone sounds ljke a bell

with huge, whole and loud tones

that demand attention.

I am unable to read the brand name, though.

must be a Steinway


A very extensive and up-to-date report on this topic

can be found at WIKIPEDIA.

Go for it!


Rimsky-Korsakov weaves a ballad to interpret

the “1001 and one Nights’

or more popularly named as “The Arabian Nights”.

This is a compilation of the stories titled Sinbad.

Alkladin, Ali baba, prince Kalender, and etc.

The main story goes that a woman, slated for execution,

narrated to the Caliph a captivating story each night.

As a result, the Caliph liked her tales so much that she

pardoned her and kept her as story-teller.

The woman’s name was Scheherazade,

and the tales are compiled and titled

“Arabian Nights.”

In this performance,

the violinist plays a theme to depict Scheherazade

as she begins another tale for the Caliph’s ears.

Visualize the Storm,the Young Prince and the Princess, and etc.




Jean Chretien

The only Jean Chretien I know

is the best one.




Jascha Heifetz

The film “Carnegie Hall”

presents us with the only video of Jascha Heifetz

playing a complete concerto Movement

Anyway, while you are busy watching the fingering

observe also the violin that he uses.

This must be a very, very expensive violin.

Because it talks.

Heifetz 1.mp4

Heifetz 1.mpg

First Movement

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto No. 1

Lady In Red

Janine Jansen

the Lady In Red

plays the violin as passionately

as what is suggested by her favorite color :


Hers is the best rendition of Tchaikovsky’s

Violin Concerto No. 1

next to  the legendary Jascha Heifetz

whose performance of this concerto

is nowhere to be found in video format.

She presents, of course, the more attractive sight,

particularly when she wears red.




(And mind you

Tchaikovsky has made this piece

technically difficult to play)


The Real Canadian Superscore

The legal and logical endowment provided

by the Trudeau government towards the Wetsuweten Band

 still is insufficient to get something in return from its

Hereditary leaders who are still adamant on letting

the pipelines to go through.

It has now been discovered that the Band is at loggerheads

with each other, so much so that the Trudeau Government

 may have been negotiating with the wrong people

and that their efforts were for naught.

But since control of the specified land

has been transferred already,

  the burden of decisions

now goes to the Wetsuweten Band.

They should therefore decide between themselves

who will lead

and what to do with the pipelines.

So much bickering has been going on among the Indians,

to even  call themselves a nation.

As regards the blockades in the East,

the best thing to do is ignore them.

When they realize that will not get anything from the

agreement made by the Wetsuweten Band

they will  just break off.

As I said, it is just too bad for them that they do not have

oil resources in their Eastern part of Canada

to make as a bargaining chip with Canada.


Arthur Rubinstein

Rubinstein portrays Edvard Grieg’s impression

as regards the majesty of the Alps

in the piano concerto.

Rubinstein .mp4

Rubinstein .mpg

Land Titles for WetSuweten Band

This is good for both the Band and for BC.

Land titles give sovereignty

and sovereignty provides authority.

So now this band controls what happens

to the area that the titles encompass.

But only on the area covered by the title.

The boundaries are definite and specified.

The oil companies will now have to ask permission

or negotiate with the band before any pipelines

are laid down or any oil well is drilled.

They can also tell the RCMP to bug off their land.

The ladies can now put up signs that say:

Bad looking RCMP’s are not allowed

Good looking RCMP’s will undergo

further negotiations first.

Of course,

the police patrol cars and the emergency vehicles

may be that busy when they are needed.

Also, the benefits of the land titles of the band

will not go to any other band

but the Wetsuweten band.

This land title will solve all the problems

about the pipeline and the RCMP

if the band uses it wisely.

Just follow the steps made by the Alberta Bands.

(now, do you believe me what I tell you?)

Indian Pow-wow Stalls

As expected, the talks between the BC Indians

and the Federal Ministers stalls.

I guess the Indian band is asking for something

that the Feds are unable to do,

and that is involve the other provinces on the 

proposed agreement.

As I said, this is a provincial matter, not Federal.

If the Aboriginals will consider themselves as a nation,

they must secure their borders and boundaries first.

As of now, the Indians are scattered all over the place

like mixed nuts.

Their situation is much similar to the African Americans

in the United States, in that they are inside the country

as Americans and not a nation.

Their best bet to get what they want is to INTEGRATE.

This way they can do something to benefit Canada

for a change.

Any BC deal or agreement involving Alberta

may be notwithstanding.

Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1





This concert with the performance

of Rachmaninoff’s

Rhapsody on a Theme By Paganini

and Gershwin’s

Rhapsody in Blue 

was dome with more emphasis on virtuosity

than anything else.

My question would be :

What’s the big hurry for?

These were played as if they are in a rush

to get away from the stage before the

janitors arrive to clean it up.




New Covid-19 Victim in California

Unknown suspect for transmission of the virus

must be attributed to contact with baggage 

or baggage handler from airport in Solano, Califirnia.

This is a guess.

Airports and seaports are suspects.

BC. Federal, and Hereditary Chiefs in Pow-Wow

Well good for them.

Whatever they decide is good for them.

They should not, of course,

involve Alberta in their talks.

Everything is OK in Alberta.

The Indian Bands and the Province of Alberta

are in good partnership.

The Teck  Company cancelled the proposed

billion dollar project because it was assumed that

it will have to get involved

with this blockade-reconciliation issues

and that it will have to foot some of the bill.

Tell you what—

It will be good for BC to cancel all the oil projects

in its territory.

This will solve ALL their problems political

and otherwise.

And give the Indigenous peoples in BC territory

all they want like water, toilets, transportation

education, welfare checks and such.

Just do not call on Alberta for help.

The door is shut!

This is the exclusive problem

of British Columbia.

Leela Aheer

Comes now another Indian.

This time from incredible India

and who has a complete grasp of the situation

involving Alberta oil enough to speak from

the other side of the blockading barrier.


Leela 1.mp4

Leela 1.mpg

Leela 2.mp4

Leela 2.mpg


Sabina Dennis


She proves that one little Indian 

can be more effective in explaining things

better than a bunch of Hereditary Chiefs.



BC Indigenous Youth Complains

The Indigenous Youth from BC

airs out their complaints against Canada,

subtlely giving the hint that they are a nation

separate and sovereign from Canada.


BC Youth.mp4

BC Youth.mpg

Of course they see their side of the blockade.

They are not able to see the side of the Canadians.

They have to integrate to do this.

A lot of Canadians would agree with them, though,

in that Reconciliation is useless.

It should be stopped.

It has been costly.

What we need is INTEGRATION.


Alberta Oil

Tampering the Oath of Citizenship

to include the meager history of the Canadian Indians

which are sprinkled all over the country

in minuscule bands,

Opposition Leader Garnett Genuis disagrees

and goes on to include in his arguments,

the long and the short of Alberta oil.

It is obvious that the Trudeau government seeks to appease

whatever few Indians that could be mustered

from the whole ding-blasted blockading group.

It is a known fact that most of the Canadian Indians approve

of the Alberta Oil Industry, choosing to refrain from 

joining the illegal roadblocks that others of their kind

have started because they have enjoyed the benefits

of Alberta oil production as qualified residents of Alberta.

It is unfortunate that those Indians residing in Eastern Canada

do not experience these oil benefits simply because

their territory of residence

does not sport oil industries.

It is their hope that these benefits may be provided them by the

Federal government since it actually owns the TMX pipeline.

This may be the main reason for their aggressive roadblocks

which are meant to take advantage of Trudeau’s weak

and compassionate reconciling attitude.

I predict that these disruptive projects will backfire

and the Indigenous people may find themselves ostracized

at every turn.

Now don’t call me a racist

but I did not start this uncalled for thing.





The Right to Protest is legal.

It is illegal to block passage

in the course of the Protest.



Scrambled Eggs

The Injuns just snubbed PM Trudeau on their

appointed meeting.

And the PM said nothing

but left it to the Injuns

to move the ball.

It is clear now that Canada has a PM with no balls.

If he has, these are  for sure scrambled.  

He could have sent Custer with his 7th Cavalry

to clean up the blockades.


to gain leverage against the government,

the Jews mention the Holocaust;

the African Americans mention Slavery;

but these Canadian Injuns try to gain leverage

against the Canadian government

by mentioning Residential Schools events.

Residential Schools?

What a joke!


Russian Interference?

The US Intelligence,

whoever they may be,

claims that Russia is preparing

to help Trump get re-elected.


Putin knows

that if Trump gets re-elected,

whether with Russian interference

or none at all,

the Russia-Russia-Russia ignominy

will be pronounced louder than before.

Indigenous Parasites

A new excuse has been made by these Indians

to block railways and roads.

And that is :

Canada is still imposing colonization

procedures against them

and have not provided them

with the things that they ask for.

This is  a lame, if not stupid, excuse.

It is the indigenous peoples of Canada

who are the ones that persist in

living the colonial life.

They still are indolent up to now

not to have learned how to till the soil

and tend to the farm to grow their own food.

They insist on being too lazy to work

but rely instead on Canadian

welfare checks to live on.

Under these conditions,

the indigenous peoples can rightly

be called PARASITES.

And what do parasites become

when they turn against their hosts?

They become CANCER.

And cancerous they are

when they now ask for a cut in the profits

of the oil coming from ALL pipelines in Canada.

If these Indians insist on claiming sovereignty

over these lands

then by all means give it to them,

as long as they keep to themselves

and have nothing more to do with Canada.

They can form their own sovereign country

and fend for themselves.

Good Riddance!


Wowowee 1.mp4

Wowowee 1.mpg

Nevada Debates

Debate 1.mp4

Debate 1.mpg

Debate 2.mp4

Debate 2.mpg

Debate 3.mp4

Debate 3.mpg

Debate 4.mp4

Debate 4,mpg

Bloomberg should have brought an umbrella.

It was raining potshots!

The Omega Man

He is the last man on earth

who has not been affected by the virus

and has the serum in his blood

to immunize all the people on earth.

Omega Man.mp4

Omega Man.mpg

This maybe is the way to eliminate

the Covid 19.


(The thing is to produce a serum

from the blood of those who have recovered completely.)

(one question : will this virus thrive in an acidic environment?

if not, give the patients rice wine in drinks or doses

Brandy will, hic, do!)

Too Many Chiefs

Call them Aboriginal Indians

or Indigenous peoples,

they are all the same—

they have too many chiefs.

They have hereditary Chiefs

who did not deserve the position

if the fathers are discounted.

They have elected chiefs who were

bestowed the title as the winner of an election.

Whom do we talk to now.

These two groups are at loggerheads with

each other due to disparity in purpose.

But don’t look now.

The worst confusion is yet to come.

When comes the word “sovereignty”.

In that part of the Canada,

which holds dominion over the land,

Canada or the Indigenous?

If the Indians say they have sovereignty

over these lands, they will not be part

of Canada.

Instead they will be a separate nation,

a separate country, with a separate state

and defined borders and boundaries.

The rest of Canada will need visas to enter their

territory,much less lay down a pipeline.

The Indians will also need visas to enter Canada

and have their welfare and pension benefits cancelled.

Whatever they do then will be none of Canada’s business.

They should rely on their chiefs then,

or what is left of the too few Indians.