Xmas From Andy Williams

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Andre Rieu Christmas


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The Christmas Choir

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War Drums

War drums resound after Pelosi’s House

impeached the President of the United States.

This is one astounding feat.

But Senate Leader McConnell vows in public

that Trump will not be removed from office.

This is one sour spit.

He has now declared

that in the forthcoming Senate impeachment trial of Trump,

the Republican Senators will act

as both Judge, Jury, and Defense for Trump.

This prompted the House Democrats

to withhold the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate.

This is a requisite for the Senate to start the impeachment.

The Democrats require guarantees that the trial process

in the Senate will be fair or the Articles will be withheld.

This sort of gives Trump a dose of his own medicine—

quid pro quo

or quit from quote

as a favor.

What happens if this status quo extends to election time?

Is a person under a suspended impeachment trial

qualified to run for public office?

(my gosh, I did indulge on the latin words this time, no?)





Roasting Bob Hope

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Yuletide Posts?


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Trump Impeached

President Trump is impeached

on two Articles by the House of Representatives.

This was expected.

The Republicans never really put up

an essential defense against the statements

of the witnesses presented.

It appears that this particular aspect of the inquiry

is left to Mayor Ghouliani to collect as he travels abroad.

He may try to uncover some damning circumstances

against the witnesses which may be used

in the forthcoming Senate trial of Trump.

The complete resources of the Trump administration

is being harnessed to entrench the defense

against Trump’s removal from office.

It is expected that he will not be removed.

But you may never know.

The Senators concerned may also be thinking

of their records in history.

It should be considered that the Republican Senators

who, in partisanship, may vote for Trump,

but Trump will yet have his record in history as

being Impeached by the Representatives of the People.

Angie Seth

You tell me

which one sparkles more—

Angie Seth

or her necklace.


Andrew Scheer Resigns

Andrew Scheer resigns the leadership of his party.

This will aggravate the anger

that is still smoldering in Alberta.

Worse, it will splinter the West.

Trump Impeachment On Hold

The House Judiciary Committee 

promptly recessed after more than 12 hours

of repetitive arguments between the Republicans

and the Democrats.

This fouls up the schedules of the participants

and everybody else concerned.

Any scheduled protests is, by necessity, postponed,

The impeachment votes will be counted tomorrow morning,

giving time for the people concerned, including Trump,

to meditate on their plans ahead of the vote.

No-Win-Win-Win NAFTA

The new USMCA trade deal

between US, Mexico, and Canada

was just signed today,

the one which Pelosi declared as

infinitely better trade deal.

Of course it is, for the Unioted States only.

It is not a Win-Win-Win situation as Freeland says.

The Canadians should think twice about this.

And maybe think some more until the head hurts.

The USMCA just about EQUALIZES the price of goods

between the three countries concerned.

And when this situation arises

only the US will benefit.

An equalized price of goods just about eliminates

the Americans importing from Canada and Mexico,

eliminating the deficit in the US.

What benefits most from this deal are the laborers

because rigid rules will now control the wages and welfare

of the workers in all three countries.

We can imagine that the auto workers will now receive more

in wages to ensure equalized prices of assembled vehicles.

What about those who do not work in car assembly lines?

What about the wages of those who pump gas,

or sell vegetables, or drive the buses?

It is now getting very difficult not to call politics

a no-brainer!

Let us use our heads for once.

Or twice if it need be.

If only to check whether the USMCA

is actually a Lose-Lose situation.


No Bonus No.

Lottomax numbers show two of my numbers won.

It is still a win for me in that none of my numbers

is a bonus number win.


Does this mean that my bonus trend is broken

and that I will start winning the big bucks?


Numbers 18

So we get more numbers.

Eighteen this time

in the hope that we can pick

five correct numbers,


Notice that there are eight numbers in the 4o’s.

General Antonio Luna


General Luna.mp4

Numbers Two


Lottomax numbers drawn says

only two of my numbers came out.

I did say that I always have the bonus number

in my selections.

Odd, isn’t it?

Check my posts on “Lottery”

Well, back to the rigging board….

General Gregorio Del Pilar




Numbers 13





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The Last Unicorn


Fantasia 2000

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Scheer Vs. Progressives

As his own party blames him for the defeat

at the last election,

Andrew Scheer hangs on as Party Leader.

And if I might put in my million-member word,

the reason why the conservatives lost is due to

the party’s own promise of cutting back on expenses.

This about scared the voters from Eastern Canada

that if the Progressives win the equalization payments

will be cut off.

Presently, there is not one member of the Progressive Party

that can replace Andrew Scheer and still secure the support

of ALL of Alberta.

However, everybody knows that the next government

will be formed by the Progressives,

aye, and there’s the rub.

Bringing Scheer down will give Alberta back to the NDP.

Remember that Alberta did not vote for the Progressive.

Alberta voted for the pipeline.

No pipeline, no Progressive.

Rachel Notley, NDP, was not re-elected as Alberta Premier

because her own NDP party member, Singh,

refuses to allow the TMX in to BC.

Do not listen much to any Quebecer’s words against Alberta.

Quebec is going down.

Alberta now know how it bleeds Canada,

Alberta mostly.

(million members?)

US Senate : A laughingstock.

I cannot but laugh at the effort

of the very distinguished, famous, honorable,

historical, champion of liberty

called the Senate of the United States

for the attempts to make laws

to be enforced in another sovereign country

which is China.

The conception of America’s Greatness is humurously 

overrated and their silly attempts to spread this idea

is turning from ridiculous to side-splitting.

I know that the Americans have a penchant

for democratizing the whole world

but making laws for the whole world?

This is absurd.

More bats in the belfry?

The Irishman

The Irishman.mp4


From Netflix comes this 3 1/2 hour movie

about an Irishman

who have more friends who are Italian

than Irish.

Curiously, this is one Irishman

who does not know how to pray.

This is a disappointment for me as regards Scorsese.

Only the first portion of the movie

have the pick-and-shoot rubouts

which is the trademark of a Scorsese movie.

More than half the movie is a drag.

It dramatizes the life of Jimmy Hoffa

instead of relating the tale of the the Irishman.

It probably aims to reveal the mystery of Hoffa’s disappearance.

if you ask me,

Hoffa did not disappear that way.

I would guess that his body was doused with cement

in a steel drum and dumped in the sea.


it was mixed with cement to form part of cornerstone

of some large building under construction.

This would be a fitting tribute

to his astounding leadership.


try to download the movie first

then watch it separately from any large screen.

This should minimize the active server time.