Security Clearance For Trump’s Children

If any of Trump’s children

inadvertently or accidentally

or even suspiciously receive

top secret national security information,

purportedly coming from Trump himself,

this makes President Trump eligible

for impeachment proceedings.

Such proceedings will not happen if Trump’s

children has security clearance and are thus

legally qualified to receive any national security information.

On the side,

it is now obvious that the new White House Staff

has started to work.

Good thinking!

The Grim Reaper


The Grim Reaper.mp4

Whatever George Soros touches

burns to ashes

and turns to dust.

He’s got economic power already

now he wants political power.

He uses his money to turn people into puppets

that would do all his bidding.

His next ambition :

the Office of the US Presidency.

Now he creates trouble to remind some particular people

that he is still after the Office.

He wants the Americans to bend over

and shout uncle.


The Soros Handiwork


Soros Handiwork.mp4

Billionaire George Soros oversees another of his handiwork

that of managing and paying for the protests

against the Trump victory.

He probably expects Trump to be so riled up

that he will do something violent which would

be a justifiable reason for impeachment.

George Soros,

pre-ordained to be the silent President

behind Clinton’s chair,

 has been mostly engaged in international

profiteering from people’s anger and rage

using anarchy as modus operandi.

If there is a search for the Anti-Christ

he is one likely candidate.

The world is now a mess

mostly by his personal doing.

Putin And The Russians

Ecstatic are Putin and the Russians

on the election of Trump as US President

for the obvious reason that for this duration,

the Americans are bashing only Donald Trump

and not Putin and the Russians.

The Wall

I had the occasion to suggest, indirectly,

 a wall be built

 surrounding Israel.

It was built.

I do recommend a wall be built

on the US-Mexican border.

A different wall this should be.

It will be a paper wall,

or a wall formed by visas and passports

and migrant application to the US

filed in American embassies

located in Mexico.

The screening of new migrants  will be done

via paper work.

The most it could take the form of a solid wall

is that it will be a barbed wire fence.

The Israeli wall is solid and high

because it would offer protection

against Palestinian rockets


rpg missiles lobbed over the wall.

Notice that both solid and paper walls are

legal and legitimate

and should not be met with anger and disdain.

The media portrayed the Mexican wall as a prison wall,

hence the anger and disdain of the Mexicans.

The First Presidential Action

The guess for what the new president’s first official act

has fired the interest of some particular people.

My guess, and maybe my suggestion, would be :

to stop the fracking on all public lands

and proceed to clean up

the polluted drinking water

that the process produced.

The promise for a 100-year supply

of natural gas

cannot be achieved by fracking.

This process may have caused

the loss of the presidency.

Again, listen to the lowly people.

Not the blacks.

Not the latinos.

Not the turbanned, burga-ed, arab people

Not the urban students.

Not the feminists

nor the lgbt.

Listen to the lowly,

country people.

They are lost.

(recessions are caused by the failure of agriculture)

Trump Take Over



Trump Takeover4.mp4

The protests against a democratic process continues.

And the media blitz against Trump

does not let up.

The media has conditioned the urbanites

to be afraid of Donald Trump.

The TV commentators has, surprisingly,

not given a bit of an encouraging word

for their President.

Disappointing, these Americans are.

But they should allay their fears—

The dignity afforded by the position

will compel Donald Trump

to act and perform honorably

as befitting a President of the United States.

Believe you me.

The Failure of American TV Media

After all the blitz on Donald Trump

launched by the American Tv Media

Trump still won the elections.

The TV commentators have failed to put Clinton

up as President.

Worse, they have sparked the public protests

against their own democratically-elected President.

The TV commentators have conditioned the public that

Clinton was the best bet

and that she was going to be a shoo-in for President.

UPSET was the term described for Trump’s win.

So the public responded with angry protests,

protests that even up to now the media is still

attempting to fire up.

Noticeable is it that all the analyses the media put up

seem to be excuses for Clinton’s predicament.

A rude awakening it is to realize

that not all Americans would think

they way all Americans should and that is

according to what the TV media dictates.

Meanwhile, the protests continue

even when President Donald Trump

has yet to make one presidential act in office.

Another rude awakening for the tv commentators

is the fact that a big portion of the Americans

do not actually believe in what the media puts out.

Clearly the media has failed the public.

It is also clear that the media has to correct this,

whether they like it or not.

Shades of Martin Bohrmann!

The Mosul War Strategy

No word yet from the Retired Colonel Dean McCausland

regarding my open letter

that challenges him to discuss with me

the War strategy as taught by his School.

He may be very busy as a retired Army vet,

but some Dean from his War Strategy school

may pick up the challenge to discuss with me

War Strategy, or even battle strategy.

We can start with the assault on Mosul if he

(or they) wishes.

Respond please by using this email address:

Trump Wins

By Gum!

The man that has been mishandled by his own party

like a hot potato,

and also that man treated by the TV commentators

as a circus freak

is winning the American Presidential Election.

(254 to 218 by Fox News)

Surprise, surprise!

Not for me though.

I expected this.

I never made a peep of who is going to win.

It may affect the outcome

(as if I can influence the American voters)!

But if you must recall what I have posted

on the matter of Donald Trump,

it may be noted that I distinctly said

that whenever people form a ring to discuss

their daily plights and sufferings,

these very same thoughts are those

that Trump amplifies to the voters

in his campaigns.

And since it was obvious that the media did a concerted effort

to make fun of Trump’s campaigns and personality;

and his own party shied away from him,

that event when Trump is inaugurated

shall be a slap to the Republican Party leaders

and a punch on the mouths of

the TV commentators that ganged up on him.

I do not know Trump personally

and I am not one of his supporters.

I just resent people ganging up on one person

like a mob.

Moral of the story:

lend a strained ear to the lowly people’s voice

as they are not wont to speak loudly before the vote.

Oh, these lowly people,

where do they all come from?

Oh, these lowly people,

where do they all belong?

(the polls were rigged!)

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

FBI Director James Comey

notified all concerned

that he is re-starting the email investigation

on Hillary Clinton on the grounds of

newly unearthed relevant emails.

His timing of disclosure may affect the outcome

of the US Presidential election.

He may have done this for dubious reasons,

but apart from these is the probability

of the mea culpa paranoia.

After all, he closed the investigation

on the grounds that there are no more emails

to pore over.

Shades of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover,

the longest term of office that overlaid

on several US Presidents.

War Strategy


The retired Colonel,

a former Dean of War Strategy,

dares the candidate to discuss with him war strategy.

He forgets that his kind of strategy does not work

against armed units which are not the conventionally

commissioned armed forces

that do not rely on discipline and formal training

to act as an army unit.

The ISIS is a loosely formed force

which does not coalesce as one army unit.

Incidentally, the graduates of the US Army War College

have a string of failures in their belts.

They still have to explain what war strategy they developed

to lose  South Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan,

Africa, Libya and Iraq (twice lost).

The liberation of Mosul is not the question here,

unless the retired Colonel considers the ISIS as a formal

conventionally organized army unit.

 Colonel Jeffrey McCausland

of the US War College may wish to discuss

Iraqi strategy,

or any US battle strategy for that matter,

openly on this website.

For this end he may use this email:

to communicate with me.

His comments will be posted here verbatim.

And I will post my reply accordingly.

We know that he has the time.

After all, he is already retired.


War Strategy.mp4

Clinton’s Emails


If there is one thing that will give Russia

a respite from the media bash

is the discovery of the rest of Hillary`s emails

which may have been forwarded

or sent as copies to another device.


I think Putin

has something to do with this!


It must have been his device

where Clinton`s emails landed!

The Children of Aleppo

The obsession of the Western countries

to bring down the legitimate government of Syria

has now started to claim the children of Aleppo as casualties.


RT Oct 16 2016.mp4

More so the western countries turn a blind eye on the

rebel shelling of Aleppo.

This is the way that the rebels prove to those who  supplied their arms

that they are actually using these arms for the intended purpose.

But bombing the children of Aleppo is one juicy pointer

for the Human Rights Commission to step in

and stop the shelling.

But no, the HRC just do not follow the rules.

They just follow what they are told to follow.

After all, they must also receive wages to survive.

At any rate, the Western world has never justified

their reasons to change the regime of Assad

and to malign Russia as a state and a nation.

The Western World should realize by now

that Assad will not be toppled

and Russia will finally be understood.

White Helmets Not So White


Crosstalk Oct 7

(this will be the next Nobel Peace Prize mistake)

Riling Up The Americans

Jokingly, he said that the more the Americans are riled up

the more money they leave behind.


RT Oct 5 2016

Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek Beyond.mp4

(suggest you download this movie on disk or usb then play it on tv)

Now You See Me 2


Now You See Me 2.mp4

(suggest you download to disk or usb then play it on tv)

The Vice-Presidential Debate

It now comes to the fore the campaign strategies of the Candidates—

the Republicans concentrate on what Hillary did

but are still not proved.

The Democrats concentrate on what Trump said

but are misinterpreted.

The debate sometimes turn to campaign speeches!

Their points do not meet!

(This debate might rest on the candidates’ demeanors.)

Al-Nusra Weapons


RT Oct 2 2016.mp4

Capital Gains and Losses

Yup! We have this item also in Canada as income tax entries.

Capital losses, particularly in business transactions,

are legitimate tax deductions.

If this amount totals to more than the amount

of your capital gains for that year,

this can entered as a tax deduction.

Moreover, you can carry this tax deduction over

to the next year as the amount deducted

is in a decreasing balances.

If you lose a billion dollars this year,

you can elect to enter as much amount in tax deduction

or you can run this deduction for several years

as long as the capital losses balances exist.

I hear that you can run this tax deduction for 18 years

for some particular person that we know.

I suppose he needed the revenue people to agree with this.

But the main this is that there is nothing wrong with not paying

your income tax if doing so is legitimate.

Now, regarding the media’s concerted effort to discredit some person we know,

maybe they should try to throw the kitchen sink at him next.

I hear that he has not used the kitchen sink for that long a time now

for washing dishes.

The important question is why the media concerned

are in a desperate program to bring him down.

Are these media afraid that he would win this election?

Open Season On Blacks

It appears that the season is now open.

The hunt is not for deer, though,

nor for the moose

nor for the elk.

It seems that the season is now open for blacks.

There has been a trend of police shooting blacks

who are almost always unarmed.

What we have here is a failure to communicate!*

Now I am not throwing you a curve

nor a breaking ball

but actually a broken ball.

Which should imply that you can’t hit it with a bat.

And even if you did, it would be a foul!

But all kidding aside,

the police officers do not communicate with the blacks

and the blacks do not communicate with the police officers.

This is why the blacks end up being shot by policemen.

The blacks don’t carry guns.

But hold on, that is not the only thing to consider—-

think about it—-

police officers carry guns

and also badges.

This implies that guns are carried with the the authority laid down by law.

Policemen should rule under situations requiring police presence.

And to maintain the peace they must control the situation.

It is then impossible to do just this if there are

contradictions to the police presence.

Contradictions like verbal aguments, swearing,

oppositions to police authority, and mostly

blatant exhibitions of disrespectful disregard

for police authority.

Whenever such incidents happen

the policemen lose their cool and draw their guns

in the effort to gain control of a situation

that he has already lost the moment he appeared.

Whatever happens then is just a matter of pulling the trigger,

if the policeman happens to be trigger-happy

or is just plain scared of a situation out of control.

Who is to blame for this?

It is clear that the police officers poclaim their authoity

in a loud manner.

But why the heck would there be a contradiction to this authority?

Would it not have been uneventful had the black stopped what he was doing

when the policeman said stop?

Wouldn’t it have been peaceful had the black got down from the vehicle

when the policeman told him to do so?

Wouldn’t it have been orderly had the black obeyed what the policeman

told him to do?

After all the policeman has the badge and the gun and the law to back him up!

Now why would blacks have the habit

of disregarding laws and rules and requirements

just to do what they want to do?

Schools make no difference in training them.

Neither do the parents in teaching them discipline.

There is no failure to communicate here.

There is just plain negligence to spank them.

And it looks like it is again open season on spanking blacks!

(*Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke)



Watch out for this word.

Or rather, watch for this word.

Something tells me that this word

will be a byword in the distant future.

It should imply that humans will lose more of their differences

but gain more in commonality.

Humans will grow similarities in more aspects than one.

And all because we try to make things better for us.

The next continuing post regarding this topic

may not be in the distant future.




Unprecedented is the spat between the US President and the Philippine President regarding the latter’s war on drugs.

Obama resents the words uttered by Duterte calling the Human Rights Commission with words coming close to the effing words.

Obama calls these words of Duterte as spoken from habit when in fact these words are what we may call as favorite expressions which are identical to the effing words that are favoritely and publicly expressed by the Americans.

A personal confrontation such as this between the two Presidents clearly provides what the term “Ugly American” implies. It comes to the fore the difference between Asian naivete and American arrogance.

The Americans built this country of the Philippines around the tenets of American democracy, and ever since the Liberation from the Japanese occupation, this country has been the showcase of American democracy. Schools were started then, and even the American Constitution and National Anthem was taught. Indeed the people of the Philippines learned and even surpassed the Americans in national fervor, politics, and even in governmental graft and corruption. Before anything novel is done, the question to be asked is : how would the Americans do it?

Except this time, this country has something to teach the Americans in how to deal  with drug traffickers.

But this unprecedented act of the American President is an eye-popper and a game strategy changer. The Human Rights Commission should have talked to Duterte first before they lambasted him for the killings of those related to drug trafficking in the Philippines. By then they should have realized that the orders to shoot the drug traffickers are done only when the police are fired upon first. Such hasty accusations are characteristic of the Human Rights Commission when it attempts to control heads of state. They should be reminded again that not all countries live the same way the Americans do.

Inside a shelled nut (whatever that means) what Obama did with his personal tirade against another President of another small non-nuclear country is unpardonable by foreign diplomatic practices. Very unlike some other regimes, the Philippines is not an oil-producing, non-exporting, non-trade dependent, non-belligerent country which would side with the Americans by choice against any other country that the US opposes. The Philippines earn its dollars by exporting people. These are law-abiding, American-loving, God-fearing people.

If the Philippine President would do what he promised to do to sanitize the country of drugs, then the rest of the world should mind their own business and just watch how it is done.


(the popularity of the Philippine President among the Asian countries shot up after his war of words with Obama)

Andrew and Alyssa