What says The Democrats?


They are amused as to how Trump

keeps acquiring the rope that

he needs.

They know that the other party

has created a monster.

Special Place in Hell

Canadians would not mind

going to that special place in hell

in the afterlife.

 But we do mind terribly

going to a cesspool forever

in this present life,

like for some people we know.

Besides, if that place in Hell is special

it should be equipped with

special spas

for Canadians only.

The Need For Uranium

U235, when refined to fissionable material

with critical mass

is what America is now short of.

Remember that Clinton and company

sold this material to somewhere outside the country?

Trump now wants to re-start the AEC processing plant.

The fissionable material loaded in the icbms

has now gone past the afterlife

and may not be able to start a fission.

The American icbms are now duds.

They have to be reloaded with invigorated payload.

Trump needs uranium for further nuclearization.

But this AE commission is now in dire need of Uranium.

Where can they get this?

North Korea is where there is and

already in bomb-loading form.

This U235 is also in Iran

where a couple more stages of refinement

will produce the material in mercantile form.

Canada is also mining uranium

and is loaded with experts on 

nuclear reactors.

Canada has not been known to produce a bomb

but it markets the material.

China and Russia would have uranium,

so does Ukraine, if it has not sold them

together with the icbm’s.

Now how would the brownshirts acquire them?

Wait and see

my wall leaks are still listening.

The National Security Risk

Dirty-mouthed Trump now really laid it on

the people of this country that sits

with its arse over America’s head

and is supposedly the country to blame

for the snow coming down over this

overblown bountiful head.

This dishonest and weak  country,

while following the heels of great America

in the latter’s intrusive wars all over the world,

has now been tagged as a national security risk

by the ingrate of a big brother.

(This photo makes the perfect substitute for my target practice dart board)

These ungrateful bullies so much as bombed

the camps of Canadians even with tents

of a big red cross painted over them.

yes, these Canadian soldiers do better,

more efficient, enviable jobs than the American pilots

who never could earn TOP GUN recognition

in their own air bases over the Canadian pilots.

Canadian troops were intentionally slain

by American “friendly” and jealous fire in

Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a reward, America is the selfish objector to Canada’s

merited seat in the UN Security Council.

This should add to America’s greatness, eh?

It is to be recalled, too, that some Louisiana farmer

sneaked in cattle infected with the Mad Cow Disease.

As a result, beef products from Canada, even when uninfected, was banned 

for more than a year by the international community,

including the United Sanctions of America.

National Security risk, says the brown shirts,

but which country  should have a beef 

against the other?


Trump arrived at the G-6 +1 Meeting

and then discourteously left

before the meeting ended.

I suppose this makes the US

great and powerful

all over the world.


 And then his brown-shirts lambasted

no other than the PM of Canada

 about the latter said several times

before the Meeting.

I suppose this should distract the world

about the shame that Trump received

being the odd man out in the room.

Even his suggestion that Russia  be

given membership was spurned.

I suppose this means that from now on

anything that Trump suggests

will be treated with mistrust

among the countries of the world.

I know what will happen in this Singapore Meeting.

Shock will be the order of the days

after this day.


Gee, but it’s great

after staying up late

walking cry baby back home.

Owls go by and they give me the aye

walking cry baby back home.

And of course,

Trump cancels his signature

on the communique


Trump is making America First, alright—

first to be isolated.

A Family Quarrel


declares that the tariff thing

is like a family quarrel.

Like Trump slapping younger brother Trudeau

at the back of the head

for not following orders

and for being a national security risk.

And afterwards asked for Russia,

which was unceremoniously banned

and ostracized from the summit, 

to be included instead.

Trump must need another APPRENTICE

to prop his ego.

( Trump’s new strategy of the deal—-cry baby, like Netanyahu)  

Odd Man Out?

The G6+1 will meet today in Quebec.

Will there be an odd Man out?

We’ll wait and see.

The Trump Sting

 In the upcoming G6+1 Summit

the G6 members should expect that Trump

will announce the temporarily suspension

of the tariffs that he imposed.

He should not be trusted, though,

as he is not a man of his word.

Beware of Trump

bearing crumbs

There is no concession that each of the G6 members

can concede that is justifiable

and that is not appear like giving in

to a spoiled brat.

The Nafta stays as is,

otherwise it is cancelled

as there is no such thing as free trade

laced with tariffs.

By now the spoiled brat has learned a lesson in foreign trade.

Each move to change any deal has to have

a comprehensive study of 

profit, prices, politics and people.

To have a balance of trade with the other countries,

America must first produce exports that are palatable

to the other countries.

Steel and aluminum, for instance,

America should produce these more than what it needs

at the same time with a competitive price.

If not, America will import more

than what it exports,

thus the American trade deficit.

This is no fault of the other countries.

What does Trump do instead—

get the other countries

to solve this problem for him.

if his brown-shirted brigade would admit failure,

they should ask me for the solution—

I am not a spoiled brat

and I will tell them how—


Right now the brown-shirted brigade have 

put the country in a situation which is

drowning in debt

with an undervalued money to pay for it!.

One Deficit Too Many

The US Government has a Budget Deficit.

It always has.

The problem is

It keeps growing.

The Revenues are still smaller than the Expenses.


Trump’s tax cuts have aggravated the situation.

Individual income taxes were reduced,

effectively decreasing the income of the government.

Companies gave the amount reduced by the tax cuts

to the employees as bonuses.

This again reduced the revenues of the government.

remember that giving the money away as bonuses

would further reduce the company income

and hence less taxes.

To make up for this reduced revenues,

the Federal Reserve prints more money.

This compounds the situation.

Now if you look at your USD money—

it does not any more say

that the money is redeemable in gold.

The government does not any more back up the USD

in gold.

It is therefore devalued again

making the American banks more jittery for holding

overvalued dollar bills.

Now comes the Republican Party led by Paul Rand

to call for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

The Agency of course refused such an audit

because the country and the rest of the world

will realize that the USD that they hold are worthless.

Comes now Trump galloping to solve this Budget deficit

by getting money back from the Trade Deficit.

This puts trump and the whole American government,

in a bind.

For how can you ask the trade partners to give back

the balance of the trade deficit.

Increasing the number of jobs may be good news

for the moment.

But the Health Care system that is now set up

will demand more government aid to the newly employed.

The Democrats most probably knew about the 

ballooning budget deficit if Trump’s plans were followed.

But they never made a peep about it

because the Democrats were partly responsible

for the rise in budget deficit even before Trump.

The Burning Of The White House

Trump quipped to Trudeau

that White House was burned by

Canadians two centuries ago.

Well, the British did

not the Canadians.

But I must admit that

burning the White House now

is actually in the planning stage.

And Trump will know that

we’re on the move already

just as soon as we figure out

how to get around the watch

of Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

White House Burned.mp4

All kidding aside, 

as if I were kidding,

we Canadians are peeved of being used

as  props for Trump’s stage shows.

We might as well wait to talk

to the next US President.

Qatar Blockade

One year today

four countries put a fence around Qatar,

closing the land routes

and blockading the sea and air.

For whatever reason the Qataris

had no inkling of then

until these demands were raised.

What followed afterwards was the

strengthening of the peoples’ will

to fight back.

And they did fight back


in a method that the international community

could emulate and imitate

should they be subjected to similar restrictions

on their country.

Gulf Crisis.mp4

With this newly discovered unity amongst themselves

the Qataris will start developing their

independent visions

and improve on their potential

regional superiority.

Here is one big hurrah for QATAR!

(curses, foiled again)

Split Canada and Mexico for NAFTA?

Trump wants separate free trade deals

for Canada, Mexico, and US.

No Way.

No Mexican Hat Dance

around Canadian Toques.

This is a divide and conquer strategy.
that’s for sure.

Besides, who in his right mind

would trust Trump now?

In a nutshell, there was nothing wrong with Nafta to begin with

why fix it?

(basta ya!)

Lambasting the Critic

The US Ambassador to Israel

(may his tribe increase)

cautioned the journalists covering

the deathly protests in Gaza

to do more work in studying the events

before reporting it,

otherwise they should shut up!


I would,

of course,

caution him,

to do more work himself

on a better scale than I did.


I would pray

that his tribe should not increase at all

after him!!

From The Genie Bottle

The Americans are now starting to realize

that they have created a monster

right out from a bottle.



The S-400 is a defense missile

not an attack missile.

Al-Nakba, The Rape of Palestine



(worse treatment than what the American Indians received)

Trade War

His hyperactivity going on overdrive,

Trump starts another war.

This time it will be against the whole world.

He installed tariffs,

as expected,

on steel and aluminum.

He claims that the United States has been 

losing on its trade with the world,

and instead of blaming his own country

for the trade deficit,

he blames the whole world.

He should fix his country first before

trying to balance the situation by

imposing tariffs.

He knows this is a losing gambit,

but what the heck,

as long as he signs his name on the new deals.

It is a learning process for him

particularly when the tax cuts and

increase in wages for labor

are overturned by the consequence

of the economic changes as a result

of the tariffs.

Afterwards, the wisdom of employing the low-salaried,

undocumented immigrants seeps in,

and the under-the-table wages

in the sanctuary cities

come to common practice.

Not all peoples of the world

live the same way as Americans do.

Even when the Americans declare 

that foreign trade is a risk

to their national security.

As if their imports will contain


What a ridiculous advice

from the NSA.

(no new trade deal if Trump suggests it)

Nafta Is Scuttled

Nafta was doomed.

This was what I posted on May 9.

It was already decided before the negotiations started.

Canadians should have expected to receive

demands which will be impossible to agree on

without sacrificing much from their side.


But never fret—

Canada will not have a trade surplus against

America if America does not need Canadian products

that much to import them at a larger scale.

Your best retaliatory action would be

to slow down on the shipment of exports 

to America and then see what happens.

If I may again guess right—

Trump’s target is actually the Canadian Uranium.

This effort is set to bring down the price

of this yellow powder that is refined from

U238 to U235 to Plutonium.

Trump intends to restore the American

Uranium processing facility

and he needs lots of Uranium,

or that mineral that Clinton sold abroad.

Trump wants a better price on this mineral

and also a free access to it.

North Korea may be forced to give away its uranium

but certainly not to America.

Unless America makes North Korea rich

by buying the refined uranium.

Remember that America’s fissionable materiel

loaded on its missiles need refreshing

as regards the half-life.

In a nutshell,

Cremating NAFTA will be the

death of American foreign trade.

(today, thanks to the scuttling of Nafta, this man popularly called Justin Trudeau,

stood taller to lead his country as its Prime Minister. Bravissimo, Sir.)

The Al-Assad Interview

A must video clip to watch.

The mainstream,

and the least stream,


have one thing in common—-

fake news on foreign events.

This interview should hit them

with a huge yogurt splash 

on their faces.

Bashar Al-Assad

talks about Iran troops,

Israeli panic,

chemical attacks,

Russian support,

and the U.S. foolishness.

He should  address the UN General assembly

after this interview

if only to correct

a whole lot of misconceptions about Syria.


Graham Greene

Graham Greene.mp4

He attempted to define PTSD.

He is right when he said that it is not a disorder.

I personally would go on further

to add the PTSD is  actually

a veteran’s longing for the cameraderie

and oneness he experienced with 

his military buddies.

It is that feeling that make soldiers

feel safe and protected,

and moving always with a mission

or a purpose.

PTSD is an obsession to go back

to the best experience man had

in his life.

It is not a disorder.

It is an adopted habit.

Kim-Trump Summit

This is a fence-straddler.

It may proceed if,

in the long run,

 Trump’s brown-shirted

advisory brigade

will refrain from giving the hint

as to who blinked.

(Kim may wink, but he never blinks)

The Ottawa Solution

To solve the conflict between BC and Alberta

regarding the upgrade to the Kinder Morgan pipeline

towards the Bc coast,

the Federal Government of Canada prepares to buy out

the pipeline project and continue it

under federal jurisdiction.

That negates any decision from both BC and

Alberta so that the upgrade will continue,

unless some other private interests

decide to buy out the project

for themselves.

In the long run,

the project will end up being sold

to the public as Ottawa intends to do

after the project is completed.

BC will therefore not get its piece of the action

as was intended in its efforts to blackmail

Alberta using the safety of the environment

as an excuse.

Tough luck.

There will be no advance payments for any spills

that BC claims would happen.

And Vancouver will be turned into an oil port

instead of a port for Chinese

Chop Suey imports.

DPRK-South Korea Talks

DPRK and South Korea will hold

high level talks on JUNE 1.

Before June 12?

The SPIEF Spoofs the Bludgeoning Sanctions

Delegates from Russia, France, China, Japan, and the IMF

meet in a forum called

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

wherein was discussed a broader understanding of

worldwide economy as regards the

effect on their respective countries.

Very interesting,

particularly when politics are seen

tightly interwoven with economics.

The “bludgeoning sanctions”

was discussed wherein

Putin himself said

that he will guarantee security.

If I heard him right

then I sense that some particular

parts of the world is starting

some form of realignment

both economically and politically.