Rahm Emanuel Sues US Government

Mayor of Chicago sues Federal government for withholding funds

for his sanctuary city.

Oh, he’s going to lose this one.

Illegal immigrants are criminals.

If it was Rahm Emanuel who ordered to turn

his city into harboring illegal immigrants

he himself becomes an accessory

to the crime.

He may refer to the SC decision that the Federal government cannot

force the state or city government to do as the

federal government decrees.

But this rule will not run contrary to the law that says

people who harbors criminals

may be treated as criminals.

Chicago may provide sanctuary to immigrants if

these immigrants are legal immigrants.

But then, this city may not be called sanctuary city, no?

Rahm Emanuel should know by now that Chicago

is not exactly holy enough

to provide sanctuary!


Suspended Sanctions

Trump should have known

that the effectivity of the sanctions

can be suspended for a time.

He can suspend the effectivity date of the sanctions

against Russia, Iran, and North Korea

selectively by countries.

It is within his powers to recall decisions

from his office according to better judgement.

if there is no such provision,

then his powers have been effectively clipped.

Think about it this way—-

if he suspends the effectivity of this sanctions,

he would have gained bargaining advantages

over the EU, Russia, Iran, North Korea,

and Congress, until such a time when he

lifts the suspension.

(can Trump see what I mean?)


Leakers Are Spies

They are now coming to discover the source of the leaks.

They will be most probably discover that

the leakers are not those who use transmission of

leaked data by mouth.

The leakers use subterfuge, and spying devices,

and listening antennas, and hidden microphones

to gather data.

By using these methods, they will now be considered as spies

and will be punished for publishing leaked data.

Why do they do this?

To collect damaging information to gain leverage

in the form of dossiers.

Now what do you think Nixon was looking for

when his people got caught rummaging thru files?

Probably his communications with

the North Vietnamese Army.

Dossiers are good persuasive documents when  asking for

an increase in the allocations of intelligence services.

But with the advent of a cooperative agreement

between the intelligence services of Russia and America

some intelligence arms of the US would irrelevant.

And since they have nothing better to do now

but spy on the President

it would be logical to reduce their budget

to a considerably safe amount.

Safe enough to prevent  billions of dollars

to be spent on propping up “friendly” foreign governments.

I would suggest looking for these devices everywhere

and put an umbrella of  frequency jamming devices

over White House.

This is a war of intelligence

between intelligent people.watchman

North Korean Missiles

These missiles as fired

all appeared to be shooting up fast

and unguided.

This may mean that they do not have a guidance system installed

making the lighter so they come up that fast.

they also do not have a payload.

And since North Korea can fire missiles in succession

within a short period of time

these missiles are just in the form

of fuel and shell.

either they have missiles being shipped from somewhere outside

or they have found a Wehrner von Braun

to supervise the project.

It is good to know that North Korea fires missiles

at short intervals of time,

because by then we would know that Kim Jong Un

has not started to stockpile missiles

with guidance systems and with nuclear payloads.

for the meantime

let him play with his rockets.

Be afraid if he stops firing his missiles.


Congressional Sanctions

The House of Representatives put out sanctions against Russia.

Supplementary to this is the clause that prevents Trump

from recalling it nor change it.

Trump hesitates to sign this because the EU

is up in arms in protest.

EU needs the oil from Russia which the sanctions forbid.

This is one method by which the House of representatives

flexes its muscles in the hope of pleasing the 2018 voters.

Trump should sign this sanction against Russia.

Putin will understand that this is one handiwork from democracy.

He expelled several hundred foreign affairs employees from the

American embassies in Russia as a reply to the sanctions.

This act, of course, has little effect on the diplomatic relationship

between Putin and Trump.

But my hunch of America retreating into a cocoon

is starting to be realized.

The EU will make efforts to be independent of the US.

At this time the US will retreat into protectionism

to strengthen further its potency in both trade and weapons.

There will be better connectivity between Russia and EU.

Eventually, Nato will be re-exanmined for relevance.

The arctic will be more in focus.

Canada will again be ignored by the UN.

But it will keep sending Canadian soldiers in harms’ way

for the UN, to just be slain by friendly fire.

It will be a boon for Canada if it shuns Nafta

and seek beef trade with Russia and oil-trade with Japan.

Canada will further reconsider manufacturing small arms,

artillery, tanks, and gravity-powered drones.

By the time that America comes back to regain its place,

the EU would have established a laissez-faire policy

and the co-prosperity sphere that the Japanese shoguns

attempted to form would have been loosely established

like a cooperative.

Ah, but this is not wistful thinking.

This is just plain thinking.


The IT Pro

Democrat lady Wasserman

is maybe in greasy water

for stubbornly keeping her IT pro


My guess is that she was using him

in more ways than one!

And his double billing?

This is probably for overtime work!


Addendum To private Insurance

I did say that there is meat for everyone

in my proposed Health Care System for the US.

I am referring mostly to the private insurance companies

that may be disowned by ther State/Federal controlled

Health care. Insurance.

Business companies may secure group insurance coverage

for their employees.

These group insurance companies may function  like

Blue Cross or Blue Shield only

and will cover 20% of the costs for prescription drugs.

They will also cover the costs for dentures, eyeglasses,

wheelchairs, ambulances, and other

costs not covered by State Insurance.

Call these extra expenses as Health Solutions.

ALSO, whenever and whatever cost overruns are incurred by the

State insurance systems they can bill the

Federal Health to cover these.

Call these overrun bailouts as Transfer Payments

and should represent what is now a subsidized,

socialized payments.

These payments do reduce drastically  the costs

for each and every member.

It should be understood that the system I proposed

is essentially a system wherein



The State/Federal Health Care Insurance membership is compulsory

and every qualified employee will contribute

1/3 of the required amount via salary deductions,

2/3 will be contributed by the employers.

These contributions are tax deductible

for both employees and employers.

The State may modify the system.

Such modifications will constitute part of the pilot

project of the Federal Health System

and will be scrutinized after two years.


Molly Line

Molly Line

Fox News

molly line

Sanctuary Cities

These cities spurn the Federal mandate to deport illegal immigrants.

can understand the humanitarian reasons for these.

Their hearts may have poured out fior the plight of

the friendly, law-abiding immigrants.

While the reasons are morally justified.

these are also legally unjustified.

What is moral is not always legal.

If people would like to help the illegal immigrants

why would they not ask the authorities

to allow them to sponsor the illegal immigrants,

provide for their temporary residence

while they file for visas.

The sponsorship requires the guarantee

to bring them to court for the hearing.

China’s Missile Launch Fails

China’s missile launch fails.


These missiles come with the Users guides

printed in Korean!


The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, Division C of Pub.L. 104–208, 110 Stat. 3009-546, enacted September 30, 1996 (often referred to as “i-RAI-ruh,” and sometimes abbreviated as “IIRAIRA” or “IIRIRA”) vastly changed the immigration laws of the United States.

This act states that immigrants unlawfully present in the United States for 180 days but less than 365 days must remain outside the United States for three years unless they obtain a pardon. If they are in the United States for 365 days or more, they must stay outside the United States for ten years unless they obtain a waiver. If they return to the United States without the pardon, they may not apply for a waiver for a period of ten years.


Section 287(g)[edit]

Main article: Immigration and Nationality Act Section 287(g)

IIRIRA addressed the relationship between the federal government and local governments. Section 287(g) is part of the act that permits the U.S. Attorney General to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies, permitting designated officers to perform immigration law enforcement functions, pursuant to a Memorandum of Agreement. This section does not simply deputize state and local law enforcement personnel to enforce immigration matters.[3]

This provision was implemented by local and state authorities in five states: California, Arizona, Alabama, Florida and North Carolina by the end of 2006.[4]



Deporting Illegal Immigrants

This is the law—–

Illegal immigrants will be deported.

Don’t blame Trump for this.

It was Bill Clinton who signed this  into law.

More details on next post.

Including Sanctuary cities,

Another Failure

In the wee, small hours of the morning

the Senate doggedly plodded on

to put up something other than Obamacare

only to come out wee and wan

on the Health care Bill.

What will they do now?

The American people has started to grieve.

I do not believe the Americans will have another Health Care Bill

for the rest of the year.

Unrequited Loyalty

The worst thing a man could do

is to rain scorn

and unrequited loyalty

over a good friend

who has never whined

nor whimpered.


The White House Minions

The minions in the White House are Trump’s.

And they are starting to bump against each other.

The media reporters love the new atmosphere

which is resembling that of chaos.

The White House conducted the briefing

today with the cameras on.

And the Press Corps responded by refraining

from asking any question about Russia.

They appear to be distracted by AG Jeff Sessions

and Communications Director

Anthony IL Ducci.



Trudeau in American Wish List

PM Trudeau3

Just Rolled in from a Stone is the idea

that the Americans wish for Canadian Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau to be their President.

Fat Chance!

We ain’t giving him up!

The only way you can have him is by kidnapping him,

and if that happens,

Canada will start building fighter jets

for the Russians,

who actually are hankering

for Canadian beef and pork and Tim Horton.

All kidding aside,

as if I were kidding,

They just don’t have anybody that young and good looking

to put up as President.

It’s the weather!

It makes people grow old and wrinkly faster than necessary!


(remember that Obamacare is simply a mangled Canadian Health care!)

Republican Health Care Implodes

And finally, they realize that not every Senator will approve

of the GOP Health Care Bill.

They should have known by now

that the Obamacare was actually

a mangled copy of Stephen Harper’s

Canadian Health Care.

Most of its features are what I described here in so many posts.

Supplementary adjustments to it was brought about

by profit-motivated lobbyists.

They mangled the system into oblivion.

Allay your fears, though, for the situation can still be salvaged.

Simply deputize the State Governors to remedy the situation

and handle it their own way.

Expect to have multiple methods of providing health care

to their constituents,

but then again the easiest, cheapest, most convenient method

will be adapted.

And thereafter you may have the survey of the best system.

Sort of like a cow choosing the easiest way up a hill.

Treat the State Governors’ systems as your pilot health care.

 you will have two years to study and

adapt that system which everybody

will vote for.

Also, the public will be satisfied instantly that

you kept your promise.


Kimberly Guilfoyle

One of the Five




After that fateful day at the oval office

when President Trump talked him singly

he discussed this with the Attorney General Sessions

and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein

who suggested that this is not the way the President should act.

According to his own words,

Comey sent his memos to

the press via a friend

for the purpose of having a Special Counsel appointed

to investigate Trump

which, after a short search,

turned out to be Mueller.

If this is not conspiracy to obstruct the Presidency,

it is still a mutiny!

Think of it this way.

But only think of it!

Trump is up in arms because the people who

are supposed to be investigated

are not being investigated.

Of what use to him is the Attorney General’s Office with scruples?


SONA 2017

This is the first time I watched

a State of the Nation Address

which was both interesting and entertaining

despite its length of two hours.


Sona 2017.mp4

Any man who can display his soul

this vividly to the public

deserves to be watched.

(don’t mind the subtitles that read like soup titles)e_1_44





The Source of Leaks?


the wall has ears….


To Fire Mueller

According to the very words of the Deputy Attorney general,

he is the only one who can fire Mueller.

If so, who can fire the Deputy Attorney general?qmark2


I missed the first glance

and by my own error, too.

The winning numbers are :

2,11,12,25,33,39,44, bonus 8

I over shot numbers 2, and 25

which should have been 1 and 24.

Gotta get new reading glasses

or move closer to the screen.

Number 11 was a 50-50 shot

so I did not consider it

So was number 39, but I did consider this

I always hit the bonus number

which applies only when it comes

 together with a 3-number hit

or a six-number hit.

I hit four 4-number combinations

netting me $80 and a bunch of 3-number free plays.

But I lost money in this draw.

I will try agan with lottomax

this time using more than two programs

of my own using Basic.

Lottomax is not a better lottery to go for

 if one is trying  to hit the minor prizes only.

You must hit 4 numbers correctly to be in

good money using a 5 of 5 wheeling process.

Lottomax affords an extra two combinations

 for the price of a $5 ticket.

But it is more difficult to win here

particularly if it were to be rigged

to increase the jackpot.


Unhealthy Insurance

My hunch was right!

The American Health care is a ripoff

by the private insurance companies

delegated by the lawmakers to

monopolize the premiums.


Unhealthy Insurance.mp4

Health Care Insurance run by the Federal and State governments

should eliminate the profit motive

and thus result in the cheapest health care,