The Republican Health Care Bill

It is stymied. the Health Care Bill.

If I have my say in this

I predict it will never get passed.

What is wrong with the bill?

I will tell you what is wrong with it.

I don’t work for Trump

so he can’t fire me.

But I can get him fired up with these words—

What is wrong with this bill?

Same items as what is wrong with Obamacare.



To make Health Care work

it should be managed by ONLY ONE ENTITY.

Not by so many insurance companies,

applied thru so many physicians,

and so many fees collected,

from so many different levels of premium.

With so many options by so many people obtaining,

the profit motive sneaks in with  adverse consequences

Varied premiums seek higher prices.

Physicians seek higher fees.

Clinics will be more expensive to run.

And etc., etc. etc.

The Republican Health Care Bill should reflect

the one general solution

to the one general complaint of the people–premiums.

After I collect my wits,

the outline of my complete suggestion

for the Republican Health Care Bill

will be posted tomorrow.

Please be patient.

And don’t declare that if there is no Health Care Bill

millions will die.

This is not true.

Don’t blame the lack of Health care for somebody’s death.


Jordan, Not Israel

Trump and Putin agreed to having Jordan,

not Israel,

to aid in the Syrian ceasefire talks.

I guess Assad will not consent to Israel.,

but he would be happy with Jordan,

considering this country accepts Syrian refugees.

My hunch was wrong this time.

But I will still vote for Israel

to be in the picture

as a snapshot!

In the future.

Russia, Russia, Russia

The Americans have gone crazy over Russia.

To the delight of the Russian people.

They are no0w the most popular item on any world press.

They are now the  people that nobody would like to be seen with.

Yessiree, the Americans have now become allergic to Russians.

It seems that you get hauled to an investigation

should you be seen talking to any Russian.

Gosh, and I do like Russian women

all those below 18 years of age.

(If you are thinking of what I am thinking,

boy, you’ve got am dirty mind!)


Russian Meddling?

Of course there is Russian meddling.

A little less than American meddling

but less obscure than the Americans’

as can be seen nowadays.

Russia listens everywhere,

this is a known fact.

America also listens everywhere.

How else would the Americans know

about Russian meddling.

Russian meddling, in the strict sense of the phrase,

is not actual meddling.

Russian “meddling'”

is in truth merely hacking, which is, strictly observing.

Meddling generally means something is done to change

or alter any property or result what is being hacked.

What did Russia get from this “meddling”?

—-the actual results of the election count per state.

Why would trey want these results?

“—for future references,

and to compare the actual results of the count

to the results  declared by the electoral board.

It also would have proof of whomever cheated in the elections.

This would also  give the Russians an idea

of how democratic elections can be tampered with.

The methods used are  merely to observe

and not to tamper

or meddle.

It would be impossible to tamper with the results.

Homeless Christmas


My Homeless Christmas.mp4


And I now have the distinction of the first

to put up a Christmas theme

over the media.

Laying Eggs

This video should convince you

that there are Muslims in America

who have leanings towards Jihad.

American jihadists

Watch out for these people

including the consenting Imams

Who seek to twist words around

and get you on the defensive.

These are Muslim immigrants who worships by the

Holy Quran that contains no words but hate.

For example:

hate verses

These people are simply laying eggs

on your heads.

Call to Jihad (Holy War).mp4


Peruvian Street musicians

playing Zamfir’s The Lonely Sheperd in Barcelona.


The Lonely Sheperd.mpg


DU-30 :” No Strings Attached”

Fiercely patriotic,

Philippine President Duterte

will never accept any help

if there be strings attached.



G-20 Side Orders

G-20 Side Orders,

I mean, talks

I imagine Syria will be partitioned,

and have another election

which Assad will win again, anyhow.

Israel will get into the picture,

like a snapshot!

A long shot guess would be

the suspension of

the Russia-Nokor railway.


The question may come up

about whether North Korea is merely

a testing ground for missiles

built from other countries.

Forget about China—-

it has its own lesson plan

on North Korea

and Taiwan.

Vodka and napoleons?

No secret on these!


I won!


I won!


Pan De Sal Brigade

Dregs of society

Scum of the earth

Themselves they know this

Let no outsider say this!


Out to prove something

That they can also ask for something

People is what they are

Let people say so.


Pandesal for c-rations

With coco jam, or margarine-sugar,

or the sardine luxury

or tasteless boiled egg.


Sticks for swords

Rocks for missiles

Against tear gas and truncheons

Rubber bullets and real bullets.


Leaderless overall

But leaders born

Whoever dares to go forward

Leads the mass onward.


Shorn of El Shaddai

Betrayed by INC

Denied by leftist champions

Beset by hunger

Buffeted by taunts

Cries of anger

Pleas for recognition

And then back to the barricades.


The charge goes once

And then twice

Thrice, four times

Each time the barricades go down

And with them goes

The science of crowd control

And the image of the

Philippine Crowd Dispersal Units.



There will be no honors

No Medals, not even praises

Only whispered tributes

From newly discovered bonds

With the silent glow of pride

That theirs was a magnificent charge

So magnificent that nobody else

                                                                                                                                           Dares own it, nor disown them

  No more.


“When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered.

Honor the charge they made,

Honor the Pandesal Brigade,

Noble Pandesal Brigade.”




China’s Missile launch Fails

China’s Missile launch Fails.


These missiles come with Users Guides

written in Korean!


NOKOR Supply Trail

Does the American intelligence community

know of any “Ho Chi Minh” Trail

that connects North Korea

to either China or Russia

or both?


Such a trail would be immune to


and even bombing!

Solar Panel Wall



While this is a good idea

This will be a stupid decision.

It is impractical.

Now, think of the construction and design first

before you make the decision.

Afterwards, I will call you people stupid

if you start building it!

And tell you why you are stupid!

Why fiddle when Rome burns?


Kimberly Guilfoyle

Oh Shucks!

This view is the wrong one for me!


You guys would agree with me

that if you want to review a woman’s charms

with an exhaustive scrutiny,

the best angle is from behind

when you are trailing her.

No perversion here please;

but in my case,

I would look at her

from hair to sole,

with full powers of observation,

upon her twin alternately moving intra-stuctures

which provide her upper body

with both support and locomotion.

But as I said,

this is the wrong angle.



Julie Banderas


This gal is good.

And I am not referring only

to her good looks!


Governor Mike Huckabee

One Lucky Guy this Governor Mike Huckabee

for being the only with a comprehensive understanding

of what ails the GOP Health Care Bill.


Mike Huckabee.mp4

It appears, though, that

he has a good grasp of the Canadian Health Care

and how it works.

This video shows a part of the Canadian Health Care.

Come to think of it

for him to know that much

he must be a Canadian!


He is not that good looking to be a Canadian.

But he’s close, he’s close…

so there…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

A Winning Performance—


Sarah Huckabee Sanders.mp4


Which Donald Trump?

The President,

or the one who is called President Donald Trump,

is the President of the United States,

and performs well

as the president of the United States.

This can be confirmed by the International community

of the Heads of State.

The Donald Trump,

or the one called

the real Donald Trump,

is a person who is called Donald Trump,

and performs pretty well as an individual

person named Donald Trump.

This can be confirmed by the grassroots society

of the United States of America.

These two named personages should be considered

as two different personages,

and one may not be responsible for the oral functions of the other.

And oftentimes,

like these times,

one of them is at the edge of his temper,

in which case care should be exercised

to paraphrase his choice of words accurately.

He is, after all, an American at heart

a fact which should be taken to heart.


CNN Tabloid

Fabricated news by CNN regularly, intentionally, maliciously propagated

has relegated this network into something less than a tabloid

that spreads fake news for profit.


CNN Died. mp4


Sandra in Red

Sandra In Red


Sandra Smith

Red is not my preferred color.

But I guess I have to look in to this matter

more closely from now on.

I wouild refrain from looking straight into those eyes.

For reasons that I might do something that would

get me charged for misdemeanor as a consequence.

(I probably would be more manageable

with blue, or green, or yellow, or…ah heck!)


The Weakness in Trump’s Armor

And so I print the weakness of Donald trump.

Listen closely now

before this post is inadvertently deleted.

not by the Left, though,

they sure would savor this post;

and the next ones of this nature.

This would be my 5,766th post since I started

this site in 2009.

I could have been lots more,

had this site not lose a whole years activity.

Nevertheless, I say that trump’s main weakness

is not in his


but in his


As a consequence, the American military establishment

has gone amok,


and is having its way

of “wagging the dog”.

Generals and Admirals have an affinity to war

and conflict coming close to war.

These endeavors are responsible for medals and promotions

and increase in the size and budget of the military.

Furthermore, it has gone without saying

that America’s economy progresses more rapidly

when the country faces a war.

Also, the country is unified.

This theory does give a kink in the history

of the United States in that

its march to gain supremacy as a world power

has been scripted.

The American generals and Admirals are again guilty of

starting what they appear to need most—-

a military conflict in the Middle east.

Think about this;

Was the war against Japan necessary

or was it intended to be?

Was the atom bombs dropped against Japan necessary?

Was the invasion of Iraq necessary?

Was taking out  Ghadaffi  necessary?

Was moving Russia out of Afghanistan necessary?

Were the incursions in Cuba and Nicaragua necessary?

Is the invasion of Syria necessary?

Was sending arms to the rebels/terrorists necessary.

Think of other wars that the US were in

and check out the way history reads.

The Generals and Admirals were much to eager to play with war.

Donald Trump is brilliant in business, trade and negotiations.

I do not believe he wants a war in his hands.

He would not know anything about war, though,

much less the giving commands to his field commanders.

(Chemical weapons in Syria is a pretext.

the American mercenaries will explode the chemical weapon/s.

Catch them if you can.

Remember, the Americans are there as invaders!

Watch where the 4000 American marines are deployed.

They should not be allowed inside any city.

if you still believe that this city is YOURS!)


Project Duterte


Project Duterte.mp4

Trumpcare No Go

The Republican Health Care Bill

is stymied in the US Senate.

I expected this—

The US Congress  is up against the same problems

encountered by Obamacare.

Not meeting these stumbling blocks head on

will doom to faill all the health care proposals that can be conjured.

Just imagine this—–

if both parties claim that their proposals

would tend to have

millions of Americans without health care—-

these are bound to fail.

Now, the Canadian Health Care,

of which I benefit from,

is unanimously popular in Canada.

No complaints from anybody.

 This is the foremost feature of this country

that makes it the number one country

where people would like to live.

At 150 years of age, Canada has become

the envy of the world.

BTW, those Americans who vehemently announced

that they will move to Canada

the minute Trump is elected President,

I may ask them impatiently—

how long do we have to wait!!!

Chemical Weapons by Assad?

This is his own people.

His mandate comes from them,

He needs them for the next elections.

 So why would he gas them?

Come to think of it–as was the case in Iraq,

and Libya,

and the kurds,

chemical weapons were used

presumably by the regime

that was targeted to be removed.

Who may drop the chemical weapons in Syria?

Plainclothes people,

like mercenaries.

Now who would you believe started the Maidan massacre?

Who would you believe brought down the Malaysian passenger plane in Ukraine?,

believing that Putin was coming home in that plane!!!

Now the mercenaries mixed with the Syrian rebels

may have got  close enough to Syria to

plant the chemical weapons


watchmanBrackishWater Soldier Of Fortune

(I now am buckling down for another malicious cyber attack)