A Banner Year for the Justice System


This is going to be a banner year for the Justice System in the Philippines,

what with all the things being put under the scope.

The Sandiganbayan, the Ombudsman, the carnappers, Car Dealers, Land Transportation Registration, Armed Forces Comptrollers, Commission on Audit, Philippine National Police, they all have their soiled particulars being aired.

The only malignant cancerous office that has not been put on the spotlight is the POST  OFFICE.

The lapses in the government offices have easily been turned into active rackets, all for the glory of money.

Come to think of it—-whatever banner year that the Justice System of the Philippines will attain may be disrupted again by the Bank Secrecy and the Anti Money laundering. These are the safe havens of ill-gotten wealth.

And then again, the prime government enforcing agency, the Philippine National Police, is swamped with too many cases. What could probably be done is to deputize a portion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and make them do police work. I believe the Army is too large in manpower already, and they are not doing much work now!


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