Lotto 655


There are 28,989,675  6-number combinations that can be derived from this lottery. The one who thought up of this lottery is greedy. Government lotteries are supposed to spread money to the people. This lotto 655 is beginning to look like a cash cow.

The least the government could do is break up the prize into three, each prize having its own draw. The three draws should be one after the other, the balls being complete 55 before each draw. Each ticket bought will be eligible for each of the three draws, and all of its minor prizes. Therefore, a ticket can win three jackpots.

I could give tips on reducing these odds, and/or betting on a system that would have better returns on each 655 draw, and perhaps print ¬†exactly what numbers to wheel; but this would be unfair to those who would not have access to this website. Wouldn’t it?


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