Two Feast Dinners

Or was it two dinner feasts?

This topic is dragging on. Para tayong mga bata (na naman).

Malacanang puts the press staff on rotation to explain the unexplainable and defend the indefensible. The two dinners in the US that cost a total of $35,000 is truly a bit expensive and the Filipino people did not like the splurge. This is normal, referring to the resentment, although what was dined on is not exactly a bit to the liking as regards the price. The wine and the ambience, the la dolce vita, is wots done it to jack up the price.

When the people expressed their disapproval of the eating spree, Malacanang attempted to do damage control. This was the mistake. The damage control did more damage than the original damage. Malacanang could have ignored the swipes by the people, after which the whole thing would have died down and go away, leaving the media with merely the effort to raise their periscopes on the two dinner hosts to watch out for the favors in cash and kind that these two will receive from the Administration in return. But no they did not do this. Instead some lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, even dinged the media for raising the furor about the feasts, or dinners, or whatever.

That was the biggest mistake—-the media is a legitimate usiseros and tsismosos of the country and, their sole function of which is to inform the people of just about anything. The power of the media, however, lies in the fact that it can choose which particular bit of information will be given the bigger spread. And now, the topic of the overstated Bacchanalian feast has been given some emphasis by the media because of the unwarranted ding by Macalintal.

Furthermore, the Speaker of the house, Nograles, now admits that he signed the order for the other House members to go with the entourage, adding that the members of the entourage now will have to pay for their own expenses if the people disapproves. This is an insult to the people. This is analogous to telling the people kung-ayaw-nyo-huwag-nyo! He forgets that when he signed the order for the Representatives to go, this makes official their going, and therefore Congress should foot the bill.

How stupid. The more they open their traps, the deeper they get trapped.

But it is true, and I say that it is true, that this is their last dolce vita, if not their last gasp, as politicians!


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