ORCHIDS are sometimes seen in the wild as hanging from branches and swaying with the wind. At such a sight, we begin to believe that they are parasitic plants with all their curiously different flower shapes. Little do we realize that these hanging plants do not share the nutrients of the tree they are stuck on. Rather, they feed on the water that is absorbed by the tree’s external bark. So it is not a parasite at all but an independent flowering plant just stuck on a branch.


ORCHIDS are plants that put out exquisite arrays of flowers. The more exquisite is the array, the more appreciation it does receive. Organizations for the horticulture of orchids have sprung up ever since, the more famous of which is the American Orchid Society, the collection of which we will try to view in the later posts. Meantime, here are some samples, feast your eyes  on these orchids as a teaser, OK?








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