Ridiculous protest

It is ridiculous, stupid even, to protest against a SONA that has to be delivered yet!

The SONA, or the State of the Nation Address, is scheduled to be given by the President on July 27, but protests against it are now ongoing.

The aim of the protests is not to stop the delivery of the SONA but to inform people that it will tell lies.

This is ridiculous. The SONA is a report, and whether it contains lies or not, it is still only a report, will not do anything, will not affect anything, but will still be only a report.

So why turn everything upside down to protest against it. If the SONA tells lies, then contradict the lies, write against it, shout over the media and argue against it, don’t believe in it, but at least wait until you hear it.

BAYAN, let us come to our senses. We are acting stupidly. Listen to the SONA first. Then kalampag all you can if you do not like it!

BAYAN, para kayong mga batang umiiyak na agad kahit na hindi pa napapalo!


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