To Smoke or not to Smoke….

Noynoy’s smoking is none of our business. It is a private and personal matter between him and his psyche. Telling him what to do with his habit would be an intrusion.

Frankly, smoking has nothing to do with the presidency. The more so if he is President. If he smokes, there is nothing much we can do about it.

I smoked for fifteen years before I quit the habit. But I’ll tell you that one has to have a very, very compelling reason to stop smoking. These reasons usually do not have anything to do with people telling one not to smoke.

Frankly, andĀ also, the more people told me not to smoke, the more I reached for a cigarette.

But now, I still keep my Marlboro Longhorns beside my Monopol lighter to remind me of how strong I was to quit.

Mind you, I did not quit gradually or in stages. I just stopped smoking the next day. What made me stop? I can’t tell you.

Because for each one of us, there is a different compelling force to make us quit! Noynoy will have his own compelling force to contend with.

He may, or may not quit smoking. But the bottom line is : it is really none of our business! dontmind

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