Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

The ever popular Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

by Franz Liszt

is given a new twist by Vladimir Horowitz.

It is an arrangement actually not a twist.

What was accomplished is add to the original composition

variations of the theme by using the same bars

in some sequential and contrapuntal r4enditions.

You may at some points of the rendition recognize 

that the left hand is playing some bars while

the right hand is playing other bars at the same time.

But listen, anyway, and then get blasted at the finale.


Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.mp4

Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.mpg

Hiaoui Zhang plays the Liszt-Horowitz

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Another thing to note is the piano used.

The tone sounds ljke a bell

with huge, whole and loud tones

that demand attention.

I am unable to read the brand name, though.

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