The Real Canadian Superscore

The legal and logical endowment provided

by the Trudeau government towards the Wetsuweten Band

 still is insufficient to get something in return from its

Hereditary leaders who are still adamant on letting

the pipelines to go through.

It has now been discovered that the Band is at loggerheads

with each other, so much so that the Trudeau Government

 may have been negotiating with the wrong people

and that their efforts were for naught.

But since control of the specified land

has been transferred already,

  the burden of decisions

now goes to the Wetsuweten Band.

They should therefore decide between themselves

who will lead

and what to do with the pipelines.

So much bickering has been going on among the Indians,

to even  call themselves a nation.

As regards the blockades in the East,

the best thing to do is ignore them.

When they realize that will not get anything from the

agreement made by the Wetsuweten Band

they will  just break off.

As I said, it is just too bad for them that they do not have

oil resources in their Eastern part of Canada

to make as a bargaining chip with Canada.


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