Israel Peace Plan : The Carrot

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Israel dangles the carrot in the Israel-Palestine problem

And the carrot is : A Palestinian state

From the Palestinian side, Israel is occupying Palestinian land

under the auspices of the UN Western nations.

There has been no borders defined within which Israel is

limited to establish settlements.

 Israel  manages to  evict  Palestinians from  their  land

so that Israeli settlements can be erected.

As a result, the Palestinians are scattered

away from the lands they had owned before.

Palestine must have an authority to reorganize its people.

A statehood is then dangled to the Palestinians to keep them quiet.

From the Israel side, the Palestinians have been troublesome

and that to prevent them from obliterating the Israelis

with an organized military force, the Palestinians must be

under Israeli control.

The proposed Peace Plan promises to get the Palestinian region

developed  BEFORE statehood is given.

The requirements laid down for statehood, however,

is too rigid and is considered impossible to achieve

even by other developed countries.

It has been concluded by the Arabs

that this promised statehood will

never be conferred and remains as the carrot.

I personally agree that this peace plan humiliates the Palestinians

and is devised to attain a status quo.

I would suggest that

first, borders should be defined under the auspices of the UN.

Second, Elections be made under the auspices of the UN.

Third, Statehood be confirmed under the auspices of the UN.

Fourth, negotiations be made between Israel and Palestine

under the auspixces of the UN for transfer of authority

and offices.

Fifth, Israel should treat Palestine a sovereign nation.

Never they mind about Palestinian progress as there will be

Iran, Turkey, China, and Russia to help the Palestinians.

As a final note : Israel has kept the statehood carrot dangling

over the Palestinians because Israel is scared that the Arabs

will rally to obliterate Israel.

This is mere Paranoia!


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