Of course there is a cover-up.

What is unimaginable is that these

presumably honorable Senators are in on it.

No witnesses, no evidential documents presented,

what the heck are the US Senators doing.

It’s a shame that they could sponsor this sham of a sideshow.

It is well-known, of course,

that the Senators will not be able to put up

a single witness of their own to help in their cover-up,

even if these were forced to testify,

or coerce,

ala Jewish-Dershowitz

Perhaps that is it! No witness for the Defense.

That is the sum of it.

And the Senators are scared to their whatever

of the truth being shown to their faces.

But you know what,

the Senators can actually bring in any witness they want.

But the scared Senators just cannot do this

for reasons that we know what.



no witness allowed

or else!

What is good for DA  CAPO

is good for everybody!

(make sure we have a list of US Senators, please)

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