Justifying The Misdemeanor

AS I said, the end does not justify the means.

As expected, Burisma comes into the picture

as if revealing somebody else’s crime justifies one’s own crime.

The Trump defense did not specify Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.

Just Burisma.

It appears that Humter Biden is being paid by Burisma

some excessive amount even with him not having an

idea of what the work is supposed to be.

I say—isn’t this a common practice in the corporations in America?

Directors are paid humongous salaries for doing nothing.

They should have heard of Iacocca by now, haven’t they?

And then comes the preparatory build-up of Bagman Ghouliani.

Isn’t he the one suspected of bribing Siokin for the “material” about

Hunter Biden with the money coming from part of the military aid?

If so, the charge now changes to BRIBERY.

Anyway, what is the fuss all about now?

Joe Biden might not even win the primary( heheheh).

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