Common Sense

Celebrated impeachment lawyer Ken Starr

may not have any reason to celebrate at all.

In Trump’s defense, he elaborated on the Constitution

and history in maybe the effort to confuse those minions

to decide from the state of bewilderment.

A lot of the principles promulgated in 1876 do not apply now.

This is one effective strategy to use against people who

are not cognizant of what Starr is really talking about.

In this case it would be best to disregard what has been

narrated so far and just use common sense.

For instance, Impeachment may be used as a weapon

IF the guilt or misdemeanor of the defendant is not known.

Trump’s guilt has been widely publicized and that he was

actually caught red-handed.

So the Trial is actually a Check on Trump

and not a weapon against Trump.

Impeachment, in such a case as this,

becomes part and parcel

of the System of Checks and balances.

Ken Starr mistakes this trial for the Impeachment of the Trump

as a weapon by the Democrats for use in the next elections.

No, he should have the common sense to add

that if the President admits he made a misdemeanor,

then he should be punished.

Plainly taken straight from the noggin.

He also dealt with the  no response given to the subpoenas

saying that these should be passed thru the Courts.

He dealt with this subject in a miniature time frame,

without discussing what check and balance item

in the Constitution would refer to the judges

who  withhold their decisions for months at an end.


and paraphrasing Starr,

 the System of Checks and Balances

refer only to the relations  between

the Executive Branch and Congress.

The Judicial Branch rules over all.

Boy, do the Americans ever need a Judge Roy Bean now, 

(off the bat)

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