in capital letters

runs the world.

It may appear in different forms,

each form has one thing in common—

a favor for a favor, one thing for another,

money for whatever,

something back for a donation,

a coupon, a rebate, allowance,

passes, entrance, exits,

even contributions for a political campaign,

the last one being the most common in

politics for gaining influence.

I heard this word as a passing remark,

and softly at this,

from Grandma Pelosi,

referring to the reason for

the impeachment inquiry.

After more thinking I realized what is inferred.

Two Plus Two equals—-

 now gives me that sickly feeling

that what is being held back from the public

is the bribery committed by Trump

and completed by Bagman Ghouliani.

Proof of this evil deed may be in the documents

being held back by Trump.

Bribery may then turn into,

or be combined,  

to its concomitant

cousin : BLACKMAIL.

Also in capital letters.

This being so,

even witnesses who may know of this evil act

may be reluctant to speak due to fear and security.

Whom of these may be vulnerable?

Those who may have received Trump’s favors or

contributions to help them get elected or employed.

(quid pro quo to Siokin)

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