The Dope


The “material” that Trump boasts to have

is most probably the dope on Biden

that the Bagman Ghouliani secured

from his very special, extraordinary trip

to the Ukraine region.

Something is afoot whenever my hyperactive brain

starts to hurt.

So I turn to my reliable crystal ball to try to alleviate

the headache.

What comes up is an incredible fiction.

Remember what I told you about my next post being fiction?

Well, this should augment it.

But I warn you that I emphasize the fiction ala Scorsese as

regards this post.

So you may  choose  to  believe it  or not

But I would rather that you do not believe it!!!!

These events strike me as odd and good—

Russia’s gas pipeline went through Turkey

without a peep nor a sanction from Trump.

A long truce on the Russia-Ukraine front has been effected,

eliminating the need for the Javelin aid to Zelenesky,

who may now divert the unused funds for something else.

Also, more funds to the aid have still to be used and

Zelenesky may be able to secure them.

Ukraine will not set up some long-range missiles,

inherited from Khruschev,

to point to Russia.

Putin reorganizes the Russian government in such a way

as impeachment procedures upon himself cannot be started.

Zelenesky  is now more   amenable  to  Trump’s  requests,

more notable is that he is to be silent when required.

The “material” may have included the reason for the non-prosecution

of the corrupt officials in Ukraine’s government

including Siokin accepted  bribes for refraining to prosecute.

Siokin may have attempted  to  bribe  Biden’s  son

 but Biden had him legitimately removed.

Biden’s son may have been helpful

in the election of Zelenesky.

In the Impeachment Trial of Trump,

When the Republican Senators

ask for Biden as a witness,

and also ask for this “material” as evidence,

the Democrats

should ask for Siokin and Zelenesky as witnesses

to validate the “material”

And if Trump’s counsel mention

that the material was in Trump’s hands,

then they should ask for Trump as a witness.

In fact, the Democrats should ask for Trump as a witness

even before Trump’s counsel mention his name.

But again I warn my readers—

this is merely a product of my hyperactive imagination,

er, my crystal ball,

and I would rather you do not consider

this as gospel.

(some Democrats must also contact Zelenesky ahead)


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