John Boltons “Drug Deal”


This is the game changer,


this is a shocker

if he talks about the deal.

IF I am correct.

Think about it this way…..

This next post, treat it as fiction, initially.

On second thought,

There is already a clamor to subpoena Bolton.

So my Scorsese type fiction I plan to post will be aborted.

Instead, I will ask the questions which will also keep

your minds reeling.

Now, did Smiling Jack Bolton refer to the Ukrainian caper

as a drug deal because Money will be exchanged for the

“dope” on Biden?

If so, is this money aside from the $391 million military aid

to Ukraine?

Will this be in Ukrainian currency handed to ZE at that time

when he is inspecting his troops in the field?

Who is the bagman?

Who will donate the money?

Was the “dope” on Biden secured?

Either Bolton or that Italian bagman would have the answers?


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