Trump Impeached

President Trump is impeached

on two Articles by the House of Representatives.

This was expected.

The Republicans never really put up

an essential defense against the statements

of the witnesses presented.

It appears that this particular aspect of the inquiry

is left to Mayor Ghouliani to collect as he travels abroad.

He may try to uncover some damning circumstances

against the witnesses which may be used

in the forthcoming Senate trial of Trump.

The complete resources of the Trump administration

is being harnessed to entrench the defense

against Trump’s removal from office.

It is expected that he will not be removed.

But you may never know.

The Senators concerned may also be thinking

of their records in history.

It should be considered that the Republican Senators

who, in partisanship, may vote for Trump,

but Trump will yet have his record in history as

being Impeached by the Representatives of the People.

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