No-Win-Win-Win NAFTA

The new USMCA trade deal

between US, Mexico, and Canada

was just signed today,

the one which Pelosi declared as

infinitely better trade deal.

Of course it is, for the Unioted States only.

It is not a Win-Win-Win situation as Freeland says.

The Canadians should think twice about this.

And maybe think some more until the head hurts.

The USMCA just about EQUALIZES the price of goods

between the three countries concerned.

And when this situation arises

only the US will benefit.

An equalized price of goods just about eliminates

the Americans importing from Canada and Mexico,

eliminating the deficit in the US.

What benefits most from this deal are the laborers

because rigid rules will now control the wages and welfare

of the workers in all three countries.

We can imagine that the auto workers will now receive more

in wages to ensure equalized prices of assembled vehicles.

What about those who do not work in car assembly lines?

What about the wages of those who pump gas,

or sell vegetables, or drive the buses?

It is now getting very difficult not to call politics

a no-brainer!

Let us use our heads for once.

Or twice if it need be.

If only to check whether the USMCA

is actually a Lose-Lose situation.


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