Don Cherry’s Breaking Point

Clearly, Don Cherry was at his breaking point

when he started lambasting the immigrants with “You people….”.

What he said after this was enough to get him fired.

Sad it is, but there is some truth in what he said.

He just did not say it with tact and diplomacy.

But then again, he was at his breaking point

and there is no point in considering tact and diplomacy.

I do understand that immigrants take time in absorbing

the values of the Canadians.

But maybe they should attempt to understand the tradition of

and do also what Canadians do as a nation.

When in Canada one should do what Canadians do,

otherwise one refuses to integrate

and insists on being different.

However, breaking point or no breaking point,

I would have said it differently, like this—

My dear immigrants do not allow Canadians to call you


Canadians have afforded you theĀ economic

and political conditions you have dreamt

for you and your family.

Please give our war veterans the satisfaction

of your generosity by wearing a 2-dollar red poppy

on Remembrance Day.

After which you can be assured that you people

will forever be remembered for your generosity.”

And if I were in front of the camera, I would have said this

with a smile.

Should Don Cherry apologize for this remark?

Certainly not on yer lives.

It should be these people who should apologize

for having to be reminded to be grateful

to the Canadian War Veterans.


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