Boeing 737 Crtashes

All 149 passengers were killed

in the crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8 upgraded

Ethiopian airplane.

Presumed cause is the aircraft being forced down

by a computer signal that foresaw engine stall.

Engine stalling means incorrect fuel burning

for whatever cause.

Or the right speed is not available for take-off.

If the plane stalls, it will crash with its nose up.

The computer prevents this by forcing the nose down

providing the pilots to make a landing or

a belly crash instead.

The pilots tried to correct the “nose-dive” manually

but the automatic controls have not been disabled.

I would have disabled the auto controls and fly

the plane manually.

If the auto controls cannot be disabled, I would have

brought the nose down manually and reduce speed

(orĀ  cut off fuel completely)

to land the plane or make a belly landing.

Was there something to disable

the automatic controls for take-off?

But then again,

I drive only Hyundais

not Boeings!


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