No Nobel Prize For Trump


It’s been decided.

(by me only, obviously)

That the Nobel Peace Prize will not go to


It is going to be laughable if the prize

is given for a peace mission

to countries which are not in a fighting conflict.

It may probably be given to somebody

who can bring peace to the Gaza strip,

or to Raqqa, or to Libya or even

the borders of Mexico and Canada (?).

Remember that the US is in Korea only because of a mandate

of the UN for it to act as part of a POLICE  FORCE.

The US is overstaying because there is no more conflict

and the US is not in the DMZ.

If South Korea is paying for the upkeep of the US bases,

this is actually a Highway Robbery.


The Asian Cry still roars up;


Between Kim and Trump

watch who gets the better of the deal:

the Nobel Prize

or the No-Bowl of soup!

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