Kim Jong Un Goes to Plan B

With Trump’s anticipated and much-publicized

cancellation of the June 12 Summit

immediately after Kim’s destruction of all facilities

that can make missiles and bombs

Kim goes to Plan B,

“B” referring to BULGOKI.

“Once you learned how to make Bulgoki,

you can throw away the pots and pans

and utensils to make Bulgoki.

You can get them later.”

Denuclearization will still proceed for North Korea,

(with that one person-we-know disqualified for the Prize)

and a peace treaty will be between North Korea

and South Korea afterwhich the

reason for the American occupation

of South Korea will have to be justified,

 or else!

With Trump’s disinviting China to the

Pacific Rim exercises,

China will decide to completely ignore any sanction

that the Americans will put on China

for the latter’s continued resupply of North Korea thru the Yalu R.

Japan will have to follow suit in order

to join the electronic trade

between  China, Korea, and Russia.

Japan also went to War because of the oil sanctions

that the US put on it before WW II.

Geographically, North Korea has been

securing China’s territory as has Tibet,

and will now attempt to produce the needs

of China in agriculture as it converts

from ordnance production to farm work.

The Panmunjom border will remain as is for a time

and for as long as the Americans are in South Korea.

Kim Jong Un knows that the assassin/s that will go after him

will have to cross this border to enter North Korea.

(how’s that for a non-sadistic analysis of an American tantrum)

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