Kim Jong Un Says Again

My next guess is that

unlike the condescending Americans,

Kim Jong Un “suggests”

that the US Base may remain

with at most 10,000 service personnel,

while 12,000 will initially

be evacuated in 5 days,

the choice of leaving the equipment

for the use of South Koreans is theirs.

No more than one squadron of spy drones

will be left and carrying no ordnance.

All bombers will be removed,

including fighter bombers,

defensive fighter jets may remain

but their flights will be limited

to 38th parallel.

Any nuclear bomb storage will be moved out.

In return there will be no nuclear facilities,

missiles, activated bombs, remaining in

North KoreanĀ  territories.

First and foremost,

Kim suggests that

there will be no restraint nor sanctions on the

relationship between China and North Korea,

South Korea, Japan and Russia,

either in trade, communication, development,

banking, transportation, and movements.

The initial test would be the increase in

unrestricted trade over the Yalu River.

Also, North Korea may agree to accompany

the US and South Korean Diplomats

to any impending invitation

for an Independence Day Celebration

somewhere around the zone

on June 12.

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