Another Goof By Trump’s Brigade

Another Screw up by the undaunted brigade.

The idea was to show force

and prove that it was the US

that forced Kim Jong Un to denuclearize.

What now will compel him to go to the summit table,

fear of sanctions?

American bombers?

Afraid to be dubbed as wishy-washy as Trump?

Guess again.

Kim is not bluffing when he cancelled the summit!

And Moon approves.

Kim wants his country secure

as much as Trump wants his country secure.

Kim’s problem is his country cannot beĀ  secureĀ 

when American nuclear-tipped rockets is just miles down his border.

So he has to have his own nuclear-tipped rockets

pointed to American cities also for security.

He has to stop denuclearizing

and build ICBMS to hold the bombs.

Kim wants the Americans to bug out of South Korea.

Kim and Moon can do this project all by themselves.

The US has nothing to do with it.

If there be a medal to be presented

it should be to Moon, Kim, and Xi.

Remember also that North Korea is a buffer zone

to China from the American forces in South Korea.

China would also want American bases out of Korea.

Also, Putin’s bridge to Crimea is finished.

So he can start building his railway to North Korea as planned.

Thereafter, America will not no more get benefits from South Korea

aside from its soldiers ravishing Korean women as usual.

It is not America’s business to be in South Korea.

If Trump’s brigade is still blinded by euphoria

to realize this,

y’all have a look at my oriental crystal ball.

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