World Currency?

Now listen very closely

because I may not mention this

after one or two years, five years at most.

The most outstanding  achievement

that the European Union accomplished

in its formation,

is the establishment

of a single currency:

the EURO.

Barring those existing global conflicts

and disturbances that occurred

it could have gone on to be

a world currency.

Now that the US is advocating protectionism

the Euro just might be re invigorated.

The competition with the Yuan is big, though,

but the USD is getting more devaluated,

the other countries are shifting demands

to cheaper products,

and the IMF has been under harassment

for a time.

You may take this hullabaloo that I just said

to mean something like–

there are positive signs that the USD

will fall to little use globally.

The speed by which this currency falls,

or not at all,

will depend upon the Americans’

cognizant of the possibility.

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