Trump Initiates Another Conflagration

With Trump’s reneging on an international deal with Iran

he has, by consequence, started another conflagration

in the Middle East.

This time it will be worse

because Trump has underestimated

the resources of Iran.

Trump and his advisers are going under the impression

that Iran received billions as a gift

in exchange for allowing inspections

of its uranium processing plants.

This is not true.

What Iran got is a release of its own money

deposited in foreign banks and were

held in sanctions by the US Treasury.

As certified by all the countries of the world,

except Israel,

Iran was true to the deal

and was doing what was required.

Actually, and perhaps unknown to the US,

 Iran has already the refined uranium

before the deal,

or at least have some countries ready

to sell and ship it to Iran.

Iranian President Rouhani was at ease with the deal,

until Trump may have decided

to demand a piece of the action in Syria.

He probably wants Iran

to carve out a piece of land for the Kurds

most probably adjacent to Israel.

If this happens it will result

in another land grab similar to Israel’s land grab.


Rouhani wants to rebuild Syria

and pave a direct route to Damascus

where he can plant a whole line

of Russian missiles for defense.

How to rebuild Syria?

Make the Syrians return to rebuild their homes

and they will even get paid to do this.

I do agree with former President Barack Obama

when he says that Trump`s decision

to quit the Iran deal


He should not listen to people who

use Ouija boards to make predictions!

(He will lose face in this

one business deal

even if he waits 180 days!)

(it will be disastrous for Trump to underestimate Irans war capabilities)

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