MH17 Fireworks

OK, OK, you asked for it.

But I frankly believe that this will not make

 that much fireworks today.

Anyway, this is what I think.

At about that time,

the Russo-Ukrainians are winning the conflict,

even gaining that much ground to provide

a more defensible line.

The rebels, as this force is called,

do have similar armament as the Ukrainian Army.

It is to be recalled that Ukraine provided the workhorse

fighters for Russia’s surge to Berlin.

In fact, Ukraine should have missiles

supplied by Russia, noteworthy of which

is the Buk missile.

During this time Brennan’s mercenaries enter the fray

with much expertise and knowhow.

While Poroshenko wanted to join EU for his

business opportunities, NATO has not joined the fray

even when the Director hails from Netherlands.*

So the plan was to bring down a passenger plane

loaded with passengers from Netherlands and

to make it so that the rebels did it.

Now the Buk missile is not able to reach the altitude

of a passenger plane

according to missile specifications.

But it could, if the payload were removed

and replaced it with lighter fuel

(probably solid powdered fuel).

And so the Buk missile gained the altitude of the MH17

but it exploded merely as fireworks would,

leaving the MH17 undamaged.

Then according to plan

a Ukrainian jet sped in to fire

at the MH17

to bring it down. 

There are witnesses to this event.

Clever plot, wasn’t it?

But the Dutch Director of NATO

had doubts about the plot.

No NATO involvement resulted afterwards.

*(correction please, Jens Stoltenberg, is from Oslo, Norway)

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